Thousands of UN Vehicles and Tons of Equipment Masking At Florida Airbase? UPDATE

May 26, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO


Thousands of UN Vehicles and tons of equipment staged at an Airfield in Florida

Intel Hub – Thousands of UN vehicles are possibly staging at Reynolds Airpark in Green Cove Springs, Florida. This facility is located near train tracks. There are multiple storage contaners for equipment and gear as well. 29.97213,-81.660047 The imagery is from a time stamped 2010 Google Maps, So we know it is fairly recent photography. There is a reference at Godlike Productions in Feb. of 2010.

Google Earth 29°58′21.14″N  81°40′0.86″W

I wonder why they are there and how many other places they could be. Just a thought!

Rand Corp. documents show that there is a planned event for the implimentation of a Police Stabilization Force within the U.S. Get PDF HERE. Weather or not theese events are connected is jet to be seen. However this report on the UN equipment is confirmed by CNN.


FEMA’s 911 Concentration Camps

It is not a pretty site to see.