Free Planet – carbon molecular housing.

the FREE PLANET housing concept I briefly hinted at in the manifesto was to use floating/anti-gravity technology and alternative fuel sources to have humans live up from the ground in hydroponic-fed water-and-waste reclaiming floating housing so that the land can be properly rewilded and kept that way forever.One thing I didn’t want is a COMMUNITY of these ‘floating houses’ growing together into massive stationary cities again, blocking out the sun from valuable land or even worse setting up permanent encampment on a chosen spot of personal land, which again they’ll try to fight to protect which then leads to the invasion tyranny of recent history.

FREE PLANET citizens realise the earth is for ALL HUMANITY TO SHARE, so my proposition is to have these floating housing/transport modules acting like atoms in a molecule. Each housing unit will have space for living and growing and also docking modules, to which you can attach transport modules or other housing units. But there’ll be space inbetween as part of the force-field/connectivity design so that that all-important sunlight can get through to the ground below.

So, as you’ll see from the illustration to this blogpost, each of the BLACK modules is a housing unit that’s elected to become part of a community, using the 4-valent connectivity of an atom like Carbon makes sense in that it’s been proven to allow both connectivity and free-flowing association of other atoms into and out of the mix. So, each carbon housing unit will have FOUR utility ports for those who want to remain self reliant; you can connect anything you want to this like another hydroponic, water/sewage or transport unit. You can also convert each of these into ‘connectivity ports’ were you to want to join a group of these floating housing units and make a community.

A single housing unit may travel faster and more maneouverable than a communal unit … not sure of the consequences of that, yet. One of the advantages of connecting/traveling with others is that it takes ‘your’ nav-computer offline thus saving your energy for some other purpose.

I guess, you can elect to become a permanent part of any community you join by giving up all your docking modules to attach your housing unit permanently into the communal grid as described by the way carbon atoms link up into molecules … you would come to a communal agreement on the external transport modules, sewage/water and hydroponic modules so you can still have mobility external to your agreed impermanent floating unity.

The other aspect of this, as the technology hasn’t even been discussed yet, is that the BLACK nodes might only be the anti-gravity aspect of each housing unit and (when connected to others) the modular housing might look or feel more like the electrostatic surface of a carbon molecule, truly communal housing rather than separated units docked into each other without the benefit of shared unity(!)

Creativity, it’s all good.

Posted by Mike Philbin at 3:58 PM