Whereas many of my friends will say that one must only focus on the good in life in order to co-create a new paradigm, I strongly feel, that there is very little time left to wake up the sleeping masses.  They are so downtrodden through programming and drugs of all kinds, that only a very shocking, rude awakening may be affective enough to have them realize that all of us are fully responsible of having created the horrifying lies that turned our shared tonal playing into the gruesome nightmare it is.

However distasteful and grating to our beliefs in ‘luv ‘n lite’ flavoring our ‘ascension’ trip, we cannot go anywhere else in a state of collective denial.  Hence, it may well be necessary to look at these kind of no-nonsense reports:

This video is mandatory viewing to all supporters of the war(s):

Narration used in the video is DAHLIA WASFI. Her website is http://www.liberatethis.com/

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