‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself’ – Leo Tolstoy

Does the linked agit/prop video ring a bell, anyone?  Do we recognize the next Lenin in passionate action to overthrow tyranny?   Or (Hitler, Mussolini, Mao), fill in the name of any of the endless line-up of idealistic, angry revolutionaries throughout the history of the usurpation of the human tonal playing field.

Does he or his heated-up audience know, that his repetitive lingo is pointing out to all who have learned from history, that he and his followers have already been co-opted by the hidden ones, who are still pulling the strings?

At this point in space time, could anyone still be that naive?  Are we finally deciding to break out of the old program?  Why not give the concept of going within the realm of stillness and inner silence a real try rather than just paying lip service to it? Indeed, to not-do is a discipline that takes more courage and consistency  than following any mob following a ranting and raving leader.  This is a time to stand tall and, if necessary, alone and be your own leader.

(IVAW) Adam Kokesh speaks out