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The hill in the video (“Cerro Azoguin”) is located near Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world and a very important one, shared by Peru and Bolivia. It seems in the remote past it was part of a group of great lakes forming the “sea” where the island of Atlantis was located. According to this view, the continent Atlantis was actually South America, and the island Atlantis was located in mid of that great “sea” which, in turn, was located in mid of a great plain in the western-central area of South America, precisely the area currently shared by Peru and Bolivia.

You may remember I posted definite evidence of this about six months ago here on this forum, information which I more recently re-posted in my forum. You may see it here:

Below is a recreation of the map of South America with the location of the lake. If you remember, according to this view, the Atlantis continent was the entire South America with the great lake in the picture containing the island of Atlantis – the only “Atlantis” that disappeared in the “sea”. Only in this way does the description of an island and a continent of Atlantis in the books of Plato make any sense at all.

Location of the plain in the centre of the continent, midway along the longest side
and next to the sea, very close to present-day Tiahuanaco in Bolivia

Some people (notably George Green) claim very few places in the world will be safe when, and if, the nuclear war begins. If I remember well, one of those places is the area of lake Titicaca in Peru (the other being what is currently Tibet, now in the hands of China, in Asia).

Of course, I don’t expect anything of this to ever happen. And yet, a couple of times I have entertained the idea of having a huge junk boat built in the area of the lake – just in case.

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