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We’re all horrified by the BP oil spill and the continuing problems with stopping the flow of oil. But did you know that this oil drilling project was exempt from environmental review? Despite claiming their technology was the most advanced in the business, BP had absolutely no plan for an environmental disaster such as this.

Who is looking out for our environment? There is no excuse for a lack of environmental review. Act now!

Despite the Gulf crisis, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued 19 new drilling approvals after the explosion — all exempt from environmental review.

This loophole in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was meant only to apply to projects with little to no negative effects, such as outhouse and hiking-trail construction — not massive deepwater oil drilling.

The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is reviewing this loophole that allows oil drilling to skip these legally required environmental reviews.

This is our chance to speak out in outrage. We have until June 17th to urge them to close this loophole.


A project with no environmental review is now the worst oil spill the US has ever seen.
BP oil disaster
If all drilling projects were subjected to thorough environmental review, chances are many of them would not happen.


Sign the petition today calling for appropriate environmental review!

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