The Potent Apex of the Grand Cross

Fasten your seat belts and brace for some truly intense energies. The fulcrum of the Grand Cross is finally here. The energy has been building and we have experienced a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse as the Grand Cross began to form. Now in the waning moon the fulcrum apex is formulating. the energy is incredibly intense and has a very tangible aspect of heaviness, almost lethargy as this extraordinary potent energy wave gravitates the Earth and is felt by humanity. Please be aware of the potent energies, and work to maintain balance. Please commit to exude joy and positive energy in this frequency of the Cardinal Grand Cross maximum, for indeed it is a heavy wave of extraordinary force. Stay centered and grounded.

August 4th –  7th 2010 The long anticipated Full Cardinal Grand Cross is fully and potently formed, involving Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon in early Cancer, and Venus joining Mars and Saturn in early Libra. The Sun at 15° Leo makes stressful aspects (45°/135°) to the entire grand cross. Humanity must  remain calm and balanced to deal with the relentlessly stressful aspects and gravitational waves of this extraordinarily robust and powerful energy. Indeed this is truly a special time for the world and humanity in macro and micro. And it is an energy that can cut both ways. All will be revealed !

In the next weeks leading to the 10-10-10 the energy is set for the potential for old systems to break away, and new ones to form. It is time to really let go of what no longer serves you, and begin to manifest what is both requisite and truly desired in your life. Expect the  change…and  be proactive. Meditate for highest good!!!
Please, deal with one another in respect, and think before you act. Masters,  feelings are easily hurt, and communications can be misunderstood. What is in shadow will be revealed, and in this  honesty the road to better understanding is paved. Go within and utilize the OM Wave.  We tell you that this energy can be used to bountifully manifest highest good. It can change the Earth , and Humanity in macro and micro.
Please make time to meditate and pray for the veil is opened in an extraordinary manner within the apex of the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2010, and indeed this energy  leads to the 10-10-10 Triple Crystalline Portal. Impeccabilty is the Crystalline Transition and it is occuring NOW.

The Apex Energy of the Grand Cross


Cosmic Time 8.4.10 – Galactic Cross
Master Astrologist – Allison RaeThis is it. The much-anticipated Grand Cardinal Crosses are now forming in the heavens. The initiatory portal coming into alignment this weekend will be particularly intense.If you thought the eclipse series in June/July was powerful, watch what happens next. The celestial energies have been ramping up steadily since the March Equinox and reach a crescendo during the first three weeks of August. Outer planets Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter are joined by Mars and Venus in hot configurations over the next several weeks. The planets aren’t just making hard aspects to each other. Saturn, Mars and Venus align with the orbital center of the cluster of galaxies that includes our Milky Way. The energy of the cosmos fuels the ongoing outer-planet t-square that will become the Grand Cross this weekend. All heaven is breaking loose, and the effects will be felt for a long time to come. This is a divine intervention. As the eclipses, ongoing t-square and grand crosses plow through outdated beliefs, the forms and structures of our lives are crumbling with accelerating ferocity each day. I’m hearing all kinds of reports of physical and emotional manifestations, abrupt endings of everything from relationships and jobs to locations and living arrangements…and magical new beginnings. Because the planets of the grand cross are in cardinal signs, the overall energy is of change through movement and action. New forms are taking shape even as the old forms fall away. It’s still early to fully harvest the new. It’s more that an energetic imprint is established at this time for later manifestation in the physical realm. When we’re flowing with the energies, the feeling is incredibly light and free, optimistic and joyful. It’s also easy to get caught up in the chaos and feel overwhelmed or helpless. Throughout this period, mindfulness and grounded action are key. Even though the fullest manifestation of our ideas is still far off, now is the time to cast the seeds of a new life and a new world. It’s important to stay focused, stay positive and create with intent.
Current Astro Chart
Another relatively symmetrical pattern:
jupiter-uranus conjunction opposing
venus-saturn-mars conjunction
squared by moon opposing pluto.
Approx 9:40 p.m. HI time
A.D. 2010 Aug 06 Fri eve


Mars conjuncts Saturn, squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Jupiter

These times bring just such exciting astrology reports. Yesterday, I completely had a computer (Uranus) meltdown by losing a file and with it several hours of my life. I think of these kinds of events as little tests to see how centered I can stay. If I were to grade myself, I’d say it was about a C-, the task to practice focus and completing one thing at a time brings me to this. Look at the wheel shown here to get an idea of where the heavy outer planets are (all activating Ji gates in the moment). This is a T-square, and all these planets represent challenge points. So I hope you are remembering to breathe and keep your sense of humor or practice your “it’s all in divine order” or “this too shall pass” (which it will!). Eric Francis always has such brilliant things to say. Both of these recent newsletters fascinated me. I saw on the PBS Newshour that the downside to those Wiki Leaks is that it gives names and addresses of Afghani friends to the US effort, which does sound like real danger to those people. Still, the article is about fear, secrecy, Neptune and the exposure of same, so it still has astrological relevance as to the timing of this occurrence. Clear the Smog of War (Neptune’s influence from July 30) It’s Not Always Like This But It Is Now (from July 27)