A Silent Forest is a documentary about the largely unknown potential danger to human health, and the environmental health of our planet, posed by the planned introduction of genetically engineered trees. Narrated by Dr. David Suzuki, the film lays out, in compelling detail, the dangers of open-air plantations of these untested man-made trees. And the added problem of intellectual property rights. With the potential for cross contamination of private, and national, and state forests with patented genes contained in the pollen of genetically engineered trees. Who would now own these infected trees. Would a company like Monsanto be able to go into a national forest and harvest the infected trees because they contain their patented genes. This film is a wake-up call to the dangers of genetic engineering of trees, and the impact it could have on all of us. Tags:  contamination crops documentary dr david suzuki genetically engineered trees genetic engineering gmo monsanto sterile gene sterile trees trees wildlife and science

Comments  pbaker820 says 09/03/10 The threat we face from terrorism or environmental disasters such as the Gulf Oil Spill pale in comparison to the potential dangers of the “Frankenstein forests” created from the diabolical greed of Monsanto. While the other treats to our way of life are oft times front page news the crime that Monsanto perpetrates against nature and the unprecedented danger they have created to our health unfortunately go unnoticed by the general public. As a Procurement analyst for the City of New York I plan to research whether the tons of paper we purchase is produced from GE trees. I will also advocate that future contract terms explicitly prohibit paper and any other products produced from GE trees. If successful this could trigger other municipalities to follow suit. We all have to fight back where we can.