Finally, the Smoking Gun! (repeat post)

911 was constructed by the US Government!

911 was a public snuff film used to shock the public and enact the end of the Bill of Rights & invasion of oil bearing countries, & make money for private companies like Halliburton, (stock from 10 to 50 a share)!

By destroying the WTC, they were able to cover up theft of gold bullion & destroy illegal financial transaction records performed just prior to the attacks

Silverstein spends 140 million to make 7 billion almost over night; Silverstein said it was demolished by explosives, (pull it)

It reminds me of CIA man Byrd, the owner of TX School Book Depository, who turned a 2.5 million insider purchase into 26 million dollars thanks to JFK assassination!

Supposedly due to a few small fires, WTC7 came down at free fall speed into its own foot print; wasnt hit by a plane; it was the furthest away from the Twin Towers, (the other smaller WTC bldgs were impacted by debris); it was reported by the BBC 20 minutes before it even happened

Pentagon admits that 2.3 Trillion dollars missing, ($8000 per person) Army office hit on 911 was their acct office!

911 Commission hides that Bushs brother was head of security at WTC; unprecedented last min bldg power down entire weekend just before 911, (which meant NO SECURITY & video cams off), while men with miles of cable came in & began unknown work; security was lifted & bomb sniffing dogs removed 5 days prior to 911!

There were many benefits to 911

Financial: The CIA & Silverstein made a fortune, (Silverstein has now sued for another 30 billion – CIA refer too: Poteshman’s research, & Chesney, Mancini, data from OptionMetrics, etc.); also, the continuation of the laundering of US currency via Oil-Petro dollar cycle

Political: end of all but #3 of Bill of Rights; and the formation of the current fascist state

Profits: Halliburton, Raytheon, Shell (stealing the oil pipe line from Argentina in Afghanistan)

911 also covered up the theft of gold bullion – Germany knows this and is asking for their gold back!

FCC records of trade by the banking oligarchs died with WTC7

And hitting of the Pentagon accounting office covered up the records of missing 3 trillion in oil for money scheme & missing 2.3 trillion in DOD expenses