Increasing Popularity Date Rape Drug

While women fear date rape drugs like GBH also known as Grievous Bodily Harm or the correct name of Gammahydroxybutyrate the war against compliant victims has been raised to new levels with increasing use of Scopolamine. Major media organizations portray this drug use as exclusive to third world countries, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Scopolamine also known as hyoscine and Brugmansia is a tropane alkaloid drug obtained from plants of the family Solanaceae (nightshades), such as henbane or jimson weed (Datura species) and Belladonna.

The drug has become very popular in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador where it is grown commerically and may be smuggled onto Cruise ships from these nations or others in the Mediterranean. The plants grow in the area between the Mediterranean and the Himalayas, and have a long history of use in China, India, and middle eastern nations. Recent travelers have found the plant growing wild in Central American nations. It has been used to conquer leaders of nations and to conquer nations as a whole, and may be responsible for corrupting documentation by ancient historians.

However, in more recent years the plants are being grown in the U.S. Americans are growing the drug legally, buying the seeds over the internet, and raising them hydroponically or in gardens. They have become the legal party drug of choice for home growers in the Northwestern U.S., replacing illegal use of LSD and Shrooms. A savvy greenhouse grower can grow the plant indoors anywhere, legally. This means the end product could originate anywhere in the U.S or worldwide for that matter. There is a huge following of American growers on the internet.  Read more.