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Have you noticed mainstream health news getting crazier lately?

9/24/2010 – Mark your calendars. This week goes down in history as the most bizarre health news weeks in the history of the mainstream media. I’ve noticed more truly strange and illogical health stories this week from the conventional press than ever…

Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers in prison for ten years (for telling the truth)

9/23/2010 – Beware of Senate bill 3767, the so-called Food Safety Accountability Act. This dangerous legislation, if passed, would criminalize nutritional supplement manufacturers who tell the truth about their products or link to published…

Avandia diabetes drug placed under severe FDA restrictions in US as European regulators ban it outright

9/23/2010 – The diabetes drug Avandia, shown to raise heart attack risk by 40 percent in a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was banned today across many European countries in a coordinated global announcement. The FDA…

Consumer Wellness Center invites applications for $10,000 in nutrition grants

9/23/2010 – The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity, announces its third annual Nutritional Education Grant Program. In order…

Bill Clinton turns to plant-based diet with almond milk smoothies; no dairy

9/22/2010 – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton in on board with the holistic health advice we’ve been promoting at NaturalNews, it seems. He’s adopted one of our top-recommended smoothie recipes to lose weight and increase health and vitality. In a…

Health secrets revealed on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

9/22/2010 – The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents Nature’s Health Secrets – with our special guest Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D. Nature offers a variety of natural cures for sickness and disease. This show will reveal ancient wisdoms combined with modern…

Review of Annmarie Gianni organic skin care product line

9/22/2010 – The world of conventional body care products is filled with gimmickry. Products that claim to be “natural” or even “organic” on the front label are often not. And some of the chemical toxins that go into conventional body care products…

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming generation of youth left behind

9/22/2010 – They say you can best determine the character of a celebrity by the character of their fans. By that measure, you’d be shocked to learn about Lady Gaga’s fans. After a recent article I posted criticizing the superstar musician for wearing…

Pharmaburger documentary launches as episode one of Food Investigations series

9/21/2010 – What do you get when you combine fast food with Big Pharma? Pharmaburger! That’s the name of episode one of the new “Food Investigations” mini-documentary series created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Food…

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House Made Of Newspaper Lasts For 88 Years

What began as a hobby-project for a weekend retreat soon turned into an obsession.

Elis Stenman, an engineer who invented the paper clip machine, began work on this unique building in 1922.  He was curious about whether rolled newspaper could be used as an effective insulation.



Vitamins soon to be Banned! Bill “S.3002”