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Ra Uru Hu on Connecting with the Other through Compromise

Last week we touched on the impact of type on connections so Let’s take a look at the auras for a moment.  Let’s begin with the generator.  Generators (and Manifesting Generators) represent about two-thirds of humanity, about 66 percent. Of course, this generated field is life itself and in many ways it establishes the conditioning standard of what life is.  If you take the two-thirds of humanity that are generators with their open, enveloping aura and you understand that they’re open and enveloping everything else on the planet everything is within the thrall, if you will, of the generated field.  The non-generative types, whether they are manifestors, projectors or reflectors, they are deeply conditioned by the world that is generated by the open and enveloping generator.

So, think about the nature of compromise for a generator.  When you’re looking at your design and you’re looking at it through the eyes of being a generator there is a dichotomy that’s important to keep in mind. That red sacral center is enormously powerful.  Yet, at the same time the vulnerability of what is open is also just as powerful.  In other words, generators for their deep capacity to be able to generate the life force are at the same time the most deeply open to conditioning.

This is one of the things that has always been so obvious to me about the inability of generators to wake up spontaneously—just wake up spontaneously.  They don’t wake up spontaneously because it’s not as simple as turning on the response mechanic and awakening the generator’s sacral to its power.  There is this deep conditioning that has to be cleaned out of the vehicle, deep conditioning.

So, if you’re a generator and you have been unaware, not operating correctly, operating as not-self and you’re in a relationship and in that relationship you have a compromise with your partner or your child or your parent then you’re going to take in that conditioning, that conditioned compromise at a very deep level.  It can be extremely painful.

Again, understanding the way in which the aura operates, the fact that you’re dealing with this openness means that there is this openness to all of these connections in a way that doesn’t operate in the others.  Think about the manifestor. You have an electro-magnetic connection with a manifestor.  What does that really mean?  This is a closed and repelling aura.  And one of the things we know about electro-magnetism is that it’s attraction and repulsion.  Well, guess what?  The electro-magnetic the way it works in a manifestor is that it moves them constantly towards the repulsion.   These are the ones that you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  They made that all up.  Read more…

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The Kybalion

Via John Carnagey

(The entire Kybalion text can be read on my website or downloaded as a PDF at…)
“According to the Teachings, the passage of this book
to those ready for the instruction will attract the attention of such
as are prepared to receive the Teaching.  And, likewise, when the pupil
is ready to receive the truth, then will this little book come to him,
or her.  Such is The Law.  The Hermetic Principle of Cause and Effect, in
its aspect of The Law of Attraction, will bring lips and ear together —
pupil and book in company.  So mote it be!”

“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh lips to fill them with Wisdom.”

-The Kybalion-

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http://hermeticsource.info/ The Following is taken from the Kybalion… “The infinite mind of The ALL, is the womb of universes.” “While it is true that the ALL is in all, it is equally true that the ALL is within ALL.”