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US: Republican Party rides wave of backlash against Obama Administration. Campaign rhetoric is full of promises to trim government, reduce controls, regain prosperity, restore the Constitution, and “take back our country.” [Beware! This is the same old two-party ping-pong game that has been played for decades. Vote against the previous Party but don’t think too deeply about the replacement. Most of these so-called Constitutionalist politicians have voted against the Constitution at every turn throughout their careers. As Lenin once said: “Words are one thing. Actions another.” Judge Republicans and Democrats alike; not by their present words, but by their previous actions.]
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Silver futures (speculative contracts in which buyers and sellers attempt to predict the future price of something) surged to their highest price since 1980 and gold futures set an all-time record high. Gold now is at $1300 per oz.. [Smart investors are buying precious metals as a safe haven against inflation.] Bloomberg 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

US: Congress (with prodding from the pharmaceutical industry) seeks to put dietary supplement makers in jail. A bill now before the Senate would imprison supplement makers for ten years if they cite findings from scientific studies on their labels or literature. [This is to protect the consumer, of course.]
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Iranian President tells world leaders at a UN conference that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by segments within the US government to reverse economic trends and to have a military presence in the Middle East to “save the Zionist regime”. Diplomats from the US, Canada, and the 27-member European bloc walked out during his speech. Aljazeera 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

Hornet’s nest of contention: In last week’s issue, we linked to a story relating to President Obama’s Executive Order #13544 that established a vastly expanded federal health-care bureaucracy. Now we are making a retraction – of sorts. Click here for the story behind the story.
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What in the World Are They Spraying!
Documentary on chemtrails aka Geoengineering
Saturday, Oct. 23, Atlanta, Georgia

Producers G. Edward Griffin, Mike Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger will be present. Limited seating.
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UK: Three-year-olds being labeled by teachers as bigots; over 250,000 schoolchildren accused of racism. [No doubt this will lead to expanded government power to intervene in the home to monitor and structure politically correct social attitudes.]
Daily Mail
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