Tony Minervino via Elizabeth Unplugged on FB:

Well, what do you think?

When would NOW be a good time to wake up to what’s really happening in your world in your name?

Do you still really think that you are free?

Do you still really believe that your government is serving the best interests of all the people?

Do you still really see that government is of the people, by the people and for the people?

Or does the appear that government is something we have to keep an eye on before all our freedoms are lost, and our ability to live a decent life in the way we choose is virtually impossible?

Power is supposed to flow from the people to the elected servants of the people – the government

Does it not seem to you that government now has the power and people have to petition the government for those things that we want, and are not willing to concede?

It’s time to take back our power – it’s time to come together and make our will known.

We are the people.

This is our world.

This is our time.

credits: TRANSCRIPT & REFERENCES: Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss o…


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