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Yes, I know, as many readers will be quick to inform me, the West never had any morality. Nevertheless things have gotten worse.

In hopes that I will be permitted to make a point, permit me to acknowledge that the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, fire-bombed Tokyo, that Great Britain and the US fire-bombed Dresden and a number of other German cities, expending more destructive force, according to some historians, against the civilian German population than against the German armies, that President Grant and his Civil War war criminals, Generals Sherman and Sheridan, committed genocide against the Plains Indians, that the US today enables Israel’s genocidal policies against the Palestinians, policies that one Israeli official has compared to 19th century US genocidal policies against the American Indians, that the US in the new 21st century invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on contrived pretenses, murdering countless numbers of civilians, and that British prime minister Tony Blair lent the British army to his American masters, as did other NATO countries, all of whom find themselves committing war crimes under the Nuremberg standard in lands in which they have no national interests, but for which they receive an American pay check.   Read more…

Refreshingly, certain Federal Departments do efficient clean up work in the darkest corners of the tonal playing field for the good of all:

The must-read book about humanity’s intra-species predator.  © Robert Hare PhD

A four-year international investigation into the backers of hundreds of child pornography websites has identified 30,000 customers in 132 countries, led to hundreds of American convictions, and landed the ring running the sites in Eastern European jails.

Law enforcement officials from around the world pulled back the curtain on the previously undisclosed probe in extraordinary detail for Scripps Howard News Service.

The agents revealed the workings of what they call the most significant commercial child porn bust in the Internet’s history, in which multiple authorities from the United States, Canada, England, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Australia, and other countries, plus Interpol and Europol banded together to close down 230 websites, dismantling what is believed to be the most sophisticated commercial child porn operation to date.

Since the websites — with names like “Excited Angels” and “Boys Say Go” — went offline in January, the number of active commercial child porn sites has nosedived from perhaps 300 to the single digits, said Matt Dunn, of the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE), which was the lead law enforcement agency.

“You’ve taken an organization that was distributing large scale child porn and removed them,” said Dunn, of the Child Exploitation Section of ICE’s Cyber Crimes Center.

FBI special agent Michael Dzielak investigated the ring with Dunn and other international partners. Like Dunn, he believes the bust has dealt a fatal blow to the child-porn-for-money market — at least for now.  Read more…

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Thu, 23 Sep 2010 17:29 CDT

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The UN probe into the Israeli massacre in high seas concluded yesterday that Israeli forces violated international law and showed ‘incredible violence’ when they raided a flotilla attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. The UN fact finding mission also argues that Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory was unlawful because of the humanitarian crisis there, and described the military raid on the flotilla as ‘brutal and disproportionate.’

According to the UN probe, there is “clear evidence to support prosecutions” against Israel for “willfull killing” and “torture”.  Read more…

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San Francisco Chronicle
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Even a monarch needs a little help from time to time – especially when the cost of heating those drafty old palaces spirals past $1.5 million a year.

But a request for assistance from a government fund that provides subsidized heating to low-income Britons has caused a spot of bother for Queen Elizabeth II, long one of the world’s wealthiest women.

Her Majesty’s application in 2004 was politely turned down by the government – in part because of fear of adverse publicity – and quietly forgotten until The Independent newspaper published the correspondence Friday after obtaining it via a Freedom of Information request.

The documents quote an unidentified functionary as gently reminding the royal household that the program was meant for people in need, not the upper crust, and he noted the potential public relations disaster.  Read more…

Stephen Colbert Takes On Illegal Immigration (VIDEO)

posted by: Jessica Pieklo 1 day ago
Stephen Colbert Takes On Illegal Immigration (VIDEO)
It says a lot about the validity (or lack thereof) of the argument that undocumented workers are stealing jobs from Americans that Stephen Colbert can turn it into essentially a performance art piece before Congress.  Sadly, it says even more about the state of our press that a comedian like Colbert is actually pressing the rhetoric to its illogical conclusion.

Colbert testified before Congress today about immigration during a hearing called “Protecting America’s Harvest.”  In August the comedian spent a day working in a corn and vegetable farm in New York state after United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez appeared on Colbert’s show to discuss the UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

The campaign, and Colbert’s testimony sets out to debunk the theory that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens.  It also highlights the dirty-not-so-secret truth that this nation’s food supply is currently dependent on these farm workers.

Here’s Colbert’s opening testimony today: