Sheridan CollinsHawaiian Islands: Monsanto’s Playing Fields
Yesterday I learned that many herbicides were developed and tested by aerial spraying on Kauai in the 1960s. I spent years in Wailua River Lots. I have been extremely ill since I was a teenager there – progressively more ill every time my health relapsed. From the research I did last night, I learned that aerial spraying took place on Hanahanapuni which drains directly into the Wailua River. We had a canal in our backyard that came off the Wailua River between our house and Coco Palms Hotel. I swam there often, fished there and paddled my board down the canal to the river. Another aerial spray site is listed as “Waikoko block.” I rode horses regularly with my favorite person, Kaipo Chandler, as a child on Hanalei Beach. Another location is called “the Sam Thronas area.” Never heard of that, but it may be near Kapaa High were I attended 8th grade and part of high school. I also attended summer school there.

If you will remember (who can forget), everyone who was inclined to pay attention to this type of thing during that time was watching the Forest Service grab all the land. I can exactly remember the day I drove down to Haena and saw my friends all sitting on their porches doing nothing. Banned from subsistence hunting and fishing we were all told we were so lucky to be able to go wait on tourists. I refused to do that so I got a job at the pineapple cannery where I was uniquely untalented. I was already sick by that time and having coordination problems – cans all over everywhere. I can also exactly remember my mother being sweet talked by Forest Service personnel and given a big fancy coffee table book full of photos of the Na Pali Coast. I exactly remember her setting the book down and saying, “The worst thing that can happen to a place is to become part of the United States.” Amen.

During that time, there was a big John Wayne recruitment effort around Kauai and many of my friends were hooked into the Marines. They loved the Kauai boys because they were acclimated to the tropics and could climb around like goats. Many of them had never been off the island. Many of them became helicopter gunners and did not return home. I remember a friend of mine telling me he was going to go to the mainland and join the Black Panthers to fight. Nobody knew what to do. The insidiousness of the spraying, recruitment and land grab are mind boggling.

Even though I was so ill forever, I had periods of time when I could go to college and function. I managed to have a fairly kickass life working in Civil Construction Management (more toxic chemicals) all over Alaska, New Mexico, California, Arizona and the Navajo Nation. I went to college on and off for about 12 years trying to figure out how white people think and what motivates them. I am one, but I don’t get it. I took History of Art and economic classes with the mathematics, etc. I could have learned it all in one minute – it all has to do with money. After years of college, all I wanted to do was sit on a horse or a tractor so I worked on cattle ranches and hay farms in several states. I am still doing that now.

via Pono Kealoha on FB: mahalo Pono Kealoha: ROUNDUP used by GMO as herbicides is a watered down “AGENT ORANGE” BEING USED ALL OVER THE ISLANDS BY MONSANTO Prayers and Blessings
Agent Orange on Kauai – Maoliworld

Yesterday I learned that many herbicides were developed and tested by aerial spraying on Kauai in the 1960s. I spent years in Wailua River Lots.