Tornadoes in Flagstaff!???
Tornadoes strike Arizona; 7 injured

At least two tornadoes struck Wednesday near Flagstaff, Arizona, injuring seven people, derailing a train and damaging more than 100 homes, authorities said.

When you think you understand the beauty in nature, especially in the magical awe that a rainbow can inspire, then something will appear that still manages to both surprise and delight you in equal measure. Just occasionally, the weather conditions will line up perfectly to provide us with a visual feast that we need to be very quick to catch sight of. At times reminding us of the aurora borealis or simple rainbows, these events are niether, but a magical experience in thier own right

These are Fire Rainbows — the rarest of all naturally occurring atmospheric phemonema. The picture was captured by Raymond Lam, whom I have to thank for his permission to use his brilliant images in this story.