Ancient World Mysteries Decoded

The Lost Age of High Knowledge

There is not a person among us that likes to be lied to. Not one person that wilfully desires to be in a state of ignorance. In finding yourself here at the site of Ancient World Mysteries you mark yourself out as somebody that wants to know the truth about those things that have so far been kept from your ears for the bulk of your life, right up to this very moment. For there are indeed world mysteries.

There are secrets. And they are yours to be had, if you are willing to suffer that person revelation of truth.

The World Mysteries Unveiled

The central theme of this site is the reality of the fact that the ancient world – prior even to recorded history – was once more advanced, scientifically, technically, and spiritually, than the global civilisation of the present world age. And indeed, that this fact has been wilfully kept from the masses for millennia. And this, to keep you personally in a state of ignorance and the true world mysteries perpetually hidden from your sight.

But no more.

The comprehensive truth of the high knowledge and achievements of those of the lost ancient world is revealed now as never before in a new book:

The Lost Age of High Knowledge:
Evidence of an Advanced Civilisation Prior to Recorded History.

A book unlike almost all others, because it gets into specifics on the suppressed secret science of the ages:

A science well known to esoteric societies of the ancient world,

Rediscovered in modern times by the scientists of this present age,

Appropriated by the military forces of the current era,

And covertly developed by related government and private corporate interests to enable them to wield enormous temporal power from behind the scenes.
The Lost Age of High Knowledge, a book one may think dangerous

For there is danger both in receiving secrets and in the telling of them. Upon the profound issues of life as relate to the world mysteries, one needs to dare to know the truth. And this book is for those who have that courage: to know the truth and to be set free by it – to risk being hit personally by the reality of the secret knowledge that has been ever present within the world since ancient times, yet always seemingly veiled from the populous at large.

Reading this book will bring down the veil before your very own eyes.

And the ancient world mysteries finally revealed unto your sight.

What they don’t want you to Know

Behind the mythical stories of the ancients, behind the superstitions and shamanism and the arcane traditions of the past, there lies a profound high science – one that is physically engineerable. A science lost to the wider world due to global upheaval prior to the time of recorded history, but that has been secretly reconstructed in the modern age, and developed for the pursuit of military supremacy and social control.