Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective – By Kent Healy



A scientific approach to explaining the power of thought. We have all heard it before, “Your thoughts create your reality.” Well, new quantum physics studies support this idea. Learn about recent research about how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter.



Sample Q&A from the May 2010 Issue of Eckhart Tolle TV Q: Is the ego the source of our thoughts or are our thoughts generated elsewhere and passed through the ego? The ego arises out of the state of identification with thought. The moment of freedom arises when we realize that we are not our thought…


“Reading the Gene Keys is like putting your finger in a light socket. You don’t exactly remember the details but you know you were lit up quickly!”

This book is the fruit of many years of deep contemplation on the 64 primary archetypes behind all creation. As a book designed to talk directly to your DNA it is like no other book you have ever read. Its sole purpose is to unlock the creative genius that lies inside you. 

Your genius simply makes you a truly joyous human being. That is your higher purpose — to be radiant for no reason other than being alive. Your genius can only emerge out of that inner radiance. If it doesn’t make you truly joyous, then it isn’t your genius. Your genius is the soil and your higher purpose grows out of that soil — whether it turns out to be a humble herb, a delectable fruit or a great oak tree. The Gene Keys book is the gardening manual that will guide you through the growing process, but the seed is already there inside you, waiting inside your DNA.

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Richard’s voice and poetic style are magic!
If you are new to the Gene Keys and want to get a flavor
of what they are and have a chance to “meet” Richard
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