Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Boomers: Get Out of the Stock Market Now, the Rug is Being Pulled Out By Insiders

CNBC reports insider selling-to-buying ratio for top firms is a staggering 3177 to 1

Eric Blair

If you’re a baby boomer who still believes in the stock market since the financial collapse of 2008, listen up. The floor of this Ponzi scheme is about to drop out, leaving you punching a clock for some time to come and holding an empty retirement bag for your effort. The engineered crash is coming and the elite are jumping ship in droves — you should join them and get out ASAP.




Bix from the Bunker

With my “second week in November” prediction only 14 days away the veils are falling all around our fraudulent financial system. Dylan Ratigan is helping the Good Guys get the word out that something is VERY, VERY rotten at the heart of Wall Street.

Here is his latest broadcast:

I’m starting to doubt that the system can stay intact for another two weeks the speed the word is spreading.

The Global Financial Tsunami that is about to come crashing down around us and it will WIPE ALL ELECTRONIC AND PAPER FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!

Too radical for you?

Then you don’t understand the game. When Warren Buffett called derivatives “Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction” what did you think he meant by that? Does it matter that Bank of America has $45 Trillion in derivatives? What happens to the counter parties when they fail? Very soon you are going to wake up and the world will have changed over night.

The banks are totally and completely insolvent. All of them. One day soon you will wake up and your credit cards won’t work. Your ATM won’t work. Your bank will be closed. There will be no gas. No food….and what of transportation, power, water, garbage, phone, tv, internet, newspapers…they ALL REQUIRE people to make them function but there will be no money to pay people because there will be no banks with anything in their vaults.

The “radical change” will happen. I’m just hoping the extreme lasts only a few weeks and not years but NOBODY KNOWS.

We will survive this. It will be hard but we will survive and learn from this.

I can see our future and it is glorious but our present if full of very, very black clouds.

Sit back and watch how it all unveils over the coming days.

Bix “from the Bunker”