Controversial Researcher says Cleopatra and Virgin Mary were Based on the Same Woman,.

Controversial writer, Susan Maureen Brandt, an independant information-sciences researcher, after an 18 month intensive study claims to have uncovered evidence that Cleopatra and the Virgin Mary are fictionalized versions of the same woman, Julius Caesar‘s daughter, Julia. 

Brandt also theorizes that a highly-organized cult is behind the global fraud, consisting of devoted members who believe they are the direct descendants of nobility who survived the 10,000 B.C.E. destruction of the lost continent of Atlantis, which, according to her research, was more likely known as Ros in the ancient world. Because of this connection, she argues, they encode virtually all forms of culture and media with secret symbols of their heritage, including mortal human ancestors and enemies disguised as gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures; floods, fires, and other natural disasters; a criminal underworld, caves, and underground tunnels; the use of masks, disguises, or altered appearances in connection with genetic manipulation; images of objects sinking and people drowning; heavy-handed use of the colors red and gold, often in connection with totem animals, particularly lions and other cats, large reptiles, and birds of prey; the concepts of extinction, evolution, and rebirth; and the central figure of a king with several sons of varied appearances and styles of dress who give rise to multiple cultures. The most obvious example of the latter is the Biblical figure of Noah and his sons Ham, Shem, and Japeth, who are described within Bible texts as being forefathers to, among others, the Arabic, Jewish, and Greek cultures, respectively.

Currently, Brandt is posting her articles on a free message forum on the internet while she seeks an appropriate publisher for her controversial research.
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Articles: Vatican Confesses: Jesus Story “An Exaggeration” Based On Roman Prince 


Submitted by susanmaureenbrandt on Oct 31, 2010 – 11:59 PM


The Vatican has released evidence proving that Jesus Christ was an “exaggerated and mythologized” version of Lucius Caesar, with key dates and details in the life of the Roman prince altered to hide his role in the early Christian Church.

Original documents which have been carbon dated to 50 years before the birth of Christ show that Lucius Caesar was the youngest of two sons Julius Caesar secretly produced with his own daughter, Julia, and used to begin the process of “Christianizing” Europe.

Hoping to infiltrate the Jewish and British cultures with clever impostors, Vatican records detail the lengths Gaius Julius Caesar II went to in order to secure a greater tax base for the expanding empire. While his father, Gaius Julius Caesar I was opposed to creating a false religion to replace Roman tradition, Julius actively employed Lucius, his older brother Gaius Julius Caesar III, and his daughter, referred to as Servilius, to execute the plan.

As popularity for violent Roman rule was waning, and territories were increasingly difficult to police, the ambitious ruler had his three children trained in foreign cultures and languages, assassination techniques, and methods of disguise, which are not only documented but fully illustrated in numerous texts.

Religion had been used successfully for passive population control throughout India and Asia for hundreds of years, and Julius wrote about the possibility of using it to subdue the powerful indigenous people of Northwestern Europe and Northern Africa in letters currently housed in Vatican archives.

Lucius and his brother were sent to India as young men, around the time Roman records, referring to them as the adopted sons of Augustus Caesar, claim them to have died in battle. As has been rumored about Jesus, they learned Buddhist principles of non-violence and egoless inner transformation to appeal to Jews tired of excessive demands to perform blood-filled sacrifice rituals, and follow hundreds of meaningless and time-consuming rules, an invention of the Caesar family’s ancestors 600 years before in Babylon to enslave the spiritual-minded Israelites with the “invisible chains” of oppressive monotheism.

When this attempt ended in the Jews’ demand for Lucius’ crucifixion over the issue of accepting Roman taxation, Roman officials removed him from the cross prematurely and, after a brief period of recovery, transported him to Britain, where his brother was already posing as King Casswellaunus while guarding their mother according to Julius’ demand that she not be allowed to produce additional heirs.

The events that followed, including Caesar’s trip to Britain in 55 BC when he murdered his son Gaius as Lucius and Julia fled to France to conceal their soon-to-born child, Julia’s murder by Julius after returning to Rome into a marriage with Gaius Sr., and the resulting assassination of Julius Caesar by a group with Lucius, or “Brutus” (the British), at their helm in 44 BC, are not only well-documented, but secretly form the basis for much of modern dramatic storytelling.

The Vatican admits the scam “will take a great toll on public faith and well-being in the transitional phase that is sure to come, as devout Christians adjust to seeing religion as a personal expression rather than an institutionalized set of beliefs with allegorical figureheads.”

However, they claim that as 2012 approaches, it is time to “set aside the complicated crimes of our human past, and move forward into a new, more honest era,” an opinion in line with ancient beliefs held by the Romans of the power of astrology and soothsaying in correlation to astronomical events.

While the emotional and spiritual costs of the shocking announcement are virtually unfathomable, the immediate financial implications are clear. The entire corporate body of the Catholic Church, and of the Vatican State itself, face an immediate “closing of shop” to halt the possibility of lawsuits by outraged followers.

A source inside the Vatican claims that the truth about Christianity’s unseemly origins have always been known by the pope and other high-ranking figures, but that a philosophy of “encouraging a climate of generous love” developed with the hope of avoiding prosecution.

With the Catholic Church under greater attack than ever for allowing the Roman practice of child sexual training to continue, Vatican officials seem ready to confess their greatest lie.


Holocaust survivors accuse Vatican Bank of money laundering 

After last month’s seizure of $32 million (US) from Vatican Bank, a group of Holocaust survivors from the former Yugoslavia has asked the European Commission to look into claims that the Vatican Bank laundered valuables stolen by Nazi allies.


Jonathan Levy, a Washington-based attorney representing the survivors and their heirs wrote in a letter to EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn, EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn, “We are requesting the commission open an inquiry into allegations of money laundering of Holocaust victim assets by financial organs associated with, or which are agencies of, the Vatican City State,” reported Bloomberg. The Vatican Bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), recently won a decade long court battle in the United States in which Holocaust survivors and their heirs from the former Yugoslavia and Ukraine alleged the IOR had laundered assets stolen from Jews, Gypsies and Serbs killed or captured by the Nazi-backed regime of wartime Croatia. The group had asked for $2 billion in restitution but the case was dismissed on grounds that the Vatican Bank enjoyed immunity under the US Foreign Service Immunities Act, which could prevent foreign governments from facing lawsuits in the United States. Levy is now arguing the European Commission should have the ability and authority to probe the IOR as the Vatican promised to implement EU laws against money laundering, counterfeiting and fraud, in return for using the euro as legal tender within the Vatican City State. Rome prosecutors are also looking to show that the IOR is covered under European law reports Bloomberg. The Vatican Bank is a privately held institute located inside Vatican City run by a professional bank CEO who reports directly to a committee of cardinals, and ultimately to the Pope. Jonathan Levy also represents the approximately 3000 surviving Duplessis Orphans, which is widely recognized as the largest case of institution-based youth sexual abuse, torture, murder, human experimentation and exploitation in Canadian history. The group had received minor compensation from the Canadian government, they are now also seeking direct compensation from the Roman Catholic organizations involved.

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