Haitham Sabbah

BY Ben Heine

Sabbah Report is a pro-Peace international news website and aggregated blog founded by Haitham Sabbah, featuring various news sources and columnists.

The site offers coverage of politics, media, business, Middle East, Palestine, Israel, Zionism, world news, and is a top destination for news, blogs, and original content related to Middle East conflict. Sabbah Report was launched in 1999, It is highly regarded as a commentary outlet and alternative to conservative news websites.

A complete list of columnists and authors can be found here, and archive is here.

Haitham Sabbah is a Jordanian (from Palestinian origins) activist and blogger. He was born in exile in Kuwait on 2nd April 1969. The last time he was allowed to visit his homeland, Occupied Palestine was in 1986. He has never been allowed entry to his homeland since then. He has lived in many countries throughout the Arab world including Jordan, UAE and currently resides in Bahrain. He graduated in 1990 from Birla Institute of Technology – India with a degree in Engineering, Electronics and Communication.

He is now employed in the capacity of senior manager at Zain Bahrain – part of a leading global telecommunication company – and is a professional blogger during his personal time.

Haitham is one of the founders of the blogosphere in the Middle East and he continues to be one of the most famous bloggers there, as well as having a very large global readership. He is a well known online activist and his writing focuses on Israel’s occupation of Palestine, War, Human Rights, Culture and Religious issues in the Middle East. He integrates into the sites and blogs he manages the innovations the medium allows as well as maintaining its essential character as a space of exchange of information and community.

He has participated in several conferences and workshops related to blogging and activism in the Middle East and his blog has received several awards over its years of existence (2000 – present). He has also participated in many blogging and Web 2.0 projects, some of which are well known references today, such as Palestine Blogs Aggregator: http://PalestineBlogs.net and Global Voices Online: http://globalvoicesonline.org . He is also a co-founder of Palestine Think Tank: http://PalestineThinkTank.com , which, like all of his sites, is primarily in English, but also includes material in Arabic.

You can follow his work on his blog, Sabbah’s Blog: http://sabbah.biz

Why do I blog?

The main reason behind my blogging is to unleash the truth hidden by the main stream media about the Middle East and how it is presented to the world online, TV and newspaper. I find the international media in general to be biased and censored and does not reflect the truth about Arab nation culture, religion and politics. Another reason (which is related to the first) is the weak media of the Arab world, direct towards non-Arab and non-Muslims.

I blog because I want to correct the wrong perception about my nation and to present the facts which are hidden (by design) from being presented to West, specially when it comes to Israeli occupation of Palestine and the truth about what is terrorism and what is resistance.


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