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If you ask me what is the role of entrepreneurship in this economy, I would say it is to help remove current elite from its role and create new financial system based on sound principles like NESARA.  This would be good start.

The economy and business model will never be the same after things clear up from this crises.  The understanding about the false market principles, fraud, corruption and the slavery built into the monetary system is now too obvious and it will be more obvious when more companies go out of business.

The current governmental leadership is the front for large corporations and they make sure that their bosses are happy and they could care less about the population at large and small business.  Knowing that biggest banking business gets away with their crime and are even rewarded while stealing from population at large, doesn’t create good condition for business to flourish.

Knowing that top 10% owns 80% of the income and top 10% owns 95% of the stocks, doesn’t create any sympathy towards governing bodies and corporations who get all the support and the price for the errors pays the bottom 90% while necessities are becoming a challenge.

I believe that there will be totally new world emerging ones the financial criminals, fraudsters and corrupted politicians are put into jails and suppressed inventions will be allowed to be implemented.

Like those proposed by Nicola Tesla offering free energy.  Products like electrical cars, geothermal energy.  Health and food sciences won’t be manipulated anymore by big pharma.

Currently estimate is that 80% of our income goes toward maintenance of the monetary system and those who run it and Federal Reserve being at the top of it.  The monetary system we currently have has to go away with The Federal Reserve and ideas like proposed by Jaquces Fresco The Venus Project or financial arrangement like NESARA are introduced.

Currently sectors like financial, entertainment, sport, war, pharmaceutical are the most profitable.  Ironically none of them is essential or necessary for humanity and doesn’t offers anything but swapping of money, false promises to become rich and deception.

Entrepreneurship has to be counted in other areas where there is direct improvement and progress for humanity.  Education, sciences, art, good and useful technologies have to be the number one.  Humanity has to be freed from slavery of the money cartels and free entrepreneurship allowed when the profit is not the driving force but the value which those ideas bring for everybody.

Currently when you ask an investor if they care how their money is invested they will say yes as long as this brings them profit, but they won’t care or even ask if their money is used towards well being of others.

They don’t care that they help finance the war or exploitation as long as this is profitable for them.  This will change once more deception is uncovered and shown to the public in coming years showing the real face of business.  It will turn out that the dark area of business is the one which creates largest profits.

Money/oil cartels keep humanity in the dark and suppress new efficient energy development for the sake of control and profit.  If you realize that one day of sun energy is enough to power entire earth for a year, that the geo-heat inside of earth is enough to sustain all energy needs of humanity for thousands of years, that ideas of free energy discovered by Tesla are there and all clean, you just can’t stop wondering when this current business arrangement will end.

So I see bright future for all those who embrace new cooperative ways of humanity building. Where win-win approach will be the driving force and profit will be only calculated in how many people can benefit from the ideas.

Where the best idea wins and where people feel privileged when they can be allowed to work on projects which enhance humanity.  When one has to prove that they are ready to be accepted for the project or team just because it is for the good of all.

I see world without currency where monetary system we have today is seen like a relict, and we all share resources of earth equally.

Bogdan Fiedur


The Max Keiser takedown of JP Morgan



Keiser Report: Alex Jones joins ‘Buy Silver’ campaign



Anybody has the chance to speedup clearing of the problems with current monetary system.

You can help crash fraudsters and banksters and at the same time protect your own finances.

You can start from as little as buying one silver coin . It is only $25 today and you can help contribute to eliminating of dark cabala.

Max Keiser and Alex Jones are teaming up and starting viral campaign of getting people like you and me to buy silver coins and crash JPMorgan.

The idea is that if everybody buys one silver coin, JP Morgan who is the largest criminal in manipulating price of Silver won’t be able to do it any longer as they won’t have any physical silver in their possession and their ponzi scheme will explode as anybody who hears that JPMorgan is in troubles will try to get their physical silver out of their hands.

Also you should visit and read and view videos there from what other people are doing in other parts of the world. So far German and French online news sites have picked it up and terms Buy Silver- Crash JPMorgan tops Google trends.

People from all over the world are sending their videos showing physical Silver purchased from banks.  Make this news viral and post it on any forum you know.

Help remove dark cabal from power.

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Friday, November 19, 2010


DO NOT Swap Gold for Cash

The value of the dollar is dropping like a rock and this video is to show how this is affecting the prices of everything from gas to milk. This is the first of several videos to show what is really happening to the economy of the United States and why this country is in a lot of trouble financially.  More with vids.


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Trade the Dinar CNBC

Global Companies Move Aggressively on Iraqi Oil 11/17/10

Australia supports Iraq WTO membership 11/17/10

Huge Gas Deals Signed 11/16/10

Obama hails new Iraqi government 11/12/10

Turkey reaches out to new Iraqi government 11/12/10

Talabani Elected Iraqi President, Asks Maliki To Form Government 11/12/10

Clinton reaffirms commitment to Iraq 11/12/10

Iraq Forms a Government 11/11/10