by Stefan Steinberg and Barry Grey

US Federal estate was covertly transferred to European ownership in 1913. All subsequent American Presidents have signed the legal authorities. Documents circulating widely. Heads of foreign governments currently held hostage in Washington DC.
Documents have come to light, and are now circulating internationally, which record the private sale of all United States government buildings, lands and assets to the European Illuminati Hapsburg family in 1913. These American assets were subsequently transferred into the ownership to the Austrian government.

The sale involved the transfer of the entire US federal estate into foreign ownership, including the White House, the Pentagon, the US Supreme Court and the US Treasury Buildings. It included all military bases in the US and all military equipment, treasure, ships and planes. At the same time, covert legal mechanisms were enacted which suspended (or cancelled?) the USA Constitution, and executed the substitution of all American Constitutional Courts with European-controlled court systems based on Admiralty (Maritime) Law.

Copies of the legal documents which record, authenticate and authorise these changes are openly circulating among national governments worldwide. The documents have been lawfully signed and witnessed by every US President since 1913, including President Barack Obama.

During the three day period Sunday 7th November 2010 to Tuesday 9th November 2010, the heads of the Austrian and Swiss Governments were unlawfully detained by the Washington DC governing cabal at an international airport in Washington DC. This detention is thought to be ongoing.

The planes containing this high-status delegation, and its lawyers and advisors, are being physically restricted by vehicles and personnel assigned to US Homeland Security and the US Military. Communications between the planes and the outside world have been cut off by Washington. On board these planes are the trigger packages which authorise and enable the disbursement of the international prosperity funds and the World Global Settlement Funds.

International courts have instructed the (unlawful) US governing cabal in Washington to vacate all US government buildings with immediate effect and to return those buildings to their rightful European owners. More here (09.11.10), here (01.11.10) and here (31.10.10).