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In his 20 years in Congress, Representative Ron Paul voted against legislation he considered unconstitutional. Now, others are beginning to credit him with wisdom.

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? Please read entire mind-boggling article.  Excerpts here:

I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers.

If you still had any question as to whether or not the United States is now the world’s preeminent banana republic, the final verdict was just delivered and the decision was unanimous. The ayes have it.

Any fairytale notions that we are living in a nation built on the rule of law and of the global economy being based on free market principles has now been exposed as just that, a fairytale. This moment is equivalent to everyone in Vatican City being told, by the Pope, that God is dead.

Yes, the emperor doesn’t have any clothes. God is, indeed, dead. But, for the moment at least, the illusion continues to hold power. How is this possible?

To start with, as always, the US television “news” media (propaganda) networks just glossed over the whole thing – nothing to see here, just move along, back after a message from our sponsors… Other than that obvious reason, I’ve come to the realization that the Federal Reserve’s crimes are so big, so huge in scale, it is very hard for people to even wrap their head around it and comprehend what has happened here.

Think about it. In just this one peek we got at its operations, we learned that the Fed doled out $12.3 trillion in near-zero interest loans, without Congressional input.

The audacity and absurdity of it all is mind boggling…

Let me sum it up for you: The American Dream is O-V-E-R.

Welcome to the neo-feudal-fascist state.

People throughout the world who keep using the dollar are either A) Part of the scam; B) Oblivious to reality; C) Believe that US military power will be able to maintain the value of an otherwise worthless currency.

Exposing the illusionists of this world… “We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones. Those they look up to will help …we will enlist them to push our poisons…


On March 25, 2004, a copy of an email was recieved entitled The Secret Covenant. It appeared to be the blueprint for a master conspiracy to dominate the world… The author was anonymous, and the original text, dated June 21, 2002, came from a non-functioning email address.

Nevertheless, it is so convincing that i believe it is an authentic message from a member of the Illuminati… one of them might actually be warning us!

Full text here


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11-18-2010  – John W. Wallace

The following is a list of U.S Senators and the Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that these Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 – The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. Money received by elected officials from Special Interest groups to vote a certain way on a bill or bills is nothing less than Bribery. I have listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that they received thus far:

Name of Senator – Party & State – Bribe For S.510 or Bribe Against S.510

Here’s a list of the Special Interest Groups that support S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:

Restaurants & drinking establishments $3,217,767

Food and kindred products manufacturing $1,753,503

Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687

Food stores $1,473,532

Beverages (non-alcoholic) $744,551

Vegetables, fruits and tree nut $709,238

American Veterinarian Medical Association $551,750

Beverage bottling & distribution $289,725

Food wholesalers $284,900

Food & Beverage Products and Services $281,137

Fishing $277,984

Chambers of commerce $219,234

Manufacturing $207,740

Food catering & food services $171,835

Confectionery processors & manufacturers $96,438

Consumer groups $6,100

Farm bureaus $0

Here’s a list of Here’s a list of the Special Interest Groups that sopposed S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:

Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687

Livestock $1,561,207

Farm organizations & cooperatives $412,976

Consumer groups $6,100

Farmers, crop unspecified $0






We could all learn something from these guys.

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15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it.


Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense 09 Dec 2010


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Court upholds Vatican bank account seizure


ROME (AP) — A Rome court on Wednesday upheld the seizure of euro23 million ($33 million) from a Vatican bank account, prompting the Vatican to react in “astonishment.”Last month, Italian authorities seized the money from a Vatican bank account and said they had begun investigating top officials at the bank in connection with a money-laundering probe.

The officials have denied the allegations. The Vatican has insisted the bank was trying to comply with international rules to fight money laundering and terrorist financing.  Read more