“Advance warning received about December 21st, 2010 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Japan, same sources warn of 6 days of earthquakes in Pacific ring of fire.

Sources within both the CIA and MI6 called us December 21st warning of an imminent attack on Japan using an earthquake weapon. Just as they predicted, a series of earthquakes culminating with a 7.4 magnitude quake in Japan took place. They are saying a series of earthquakes is due to shake the Pacific ring of fire over the coming six days. The technology being used in this case is not HAARP but rather a technology George Bush Senior obtained by torturing Wilhelm Reich to death, the sources say.

The earthquake attacks are linked to the negotiations for a new financial system, the sources say. The move towards this system will be preceded by a major purge of the Western power elite, pentagon sources say.

The first step towards this took place with the arrest in Cambodia of R.C Dam and Soush Saouren, leaders of a fraudulent organization known as the OITC or Office of International Treasury Control.

These arrests are the first in what is expected to be a major series of high profile arrests linked to the illegal detainment and seizure in June of 2010 of two Japanese equipped with diplomatic passports and carrying $134.5 billion worth of bonds. The bonds were stolen by Italian Treasury police agents working for the P2 Freemasonic Lodge. Senior Italian officials subsequently tried to cash the bonds with the UN, the government of China and with the US Senate Finance Committee.

Pentagon sources have also said that in relation to this the Council on Foreign Relations will be soon disbanded. “The US does not need a secret government,” they said. This will become major corporate media news starting in January and going on through August.”

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Strong earthquake hits off Japan
‘It shook quite violently’


An open letter to Representative Ron Paul from Benjamin Fulford


Dear Representative Paul,

My name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for the Black, White and Golden Dragon societies as well as for the Red and the Green. These ancient secret societies have a global command structure, partially visible in your local martial arts societies, that is capable of mobilizing a 100-million-person army on very short notice in case of an emergency.

These ancient societies have gone from dormant to semi-active mode because, through the successful wiretapping of meetings of your elite, they have learned of plans to start World War 3, kill at least 4 billion people and destroy much of the Northern hemisphere. You may confirm with your Pentagon or CIA sources that this is all very real.

The reason we are writing an open letter to you is to explain why the Federal Reserve Board needs to be abolished and the global financial architecture needs to be revamped. The United States government is bankrupt and has been kept running along these past decades by the goodwill of the peoples of the planet. That good will is running out.

Your financial elite have proposed either devaluing the US dollar or carrying out a hidden devaluation by replacing it with a new currency called the Amero. Both proposals have been rejected. The reason is that by far most US dollars ever created are no longer owned by Americans. Many, often poor, people would suffer enormously if these dollars suddenly lost half of their value.

Our groups have proposed an alternative plan. We have offered to pay back all US debt owed to China by returning gold that was stolen from there during the 20th century. In addition, we plan to write off US debt to the rest of the world by taking the US dollars owned by non-Americans, backing them with gold and putting them under the control of a new international meritocratic organization. This organization would never create any fiat currency but merely act as a neutral clearing house for governments, corporations and plutocrats.

The newly debtless United States government would then be free to issue its own government-controlled currency. Such a currency would have a lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now has. The result will be that Chinese goods will become more expensive for Americans while US exports will regain their competitiveness. This will allow the US to rebuild its real economy.

However, as the history of the yen and the Plaza Accord show, devaluation alone will not solve the US’s chronic external deficit problem. The US deficit is also a structural problem caused by the fact that the military-industrial complex does not produce trade-able goods. Pentagon officials have also made it clear to us they would rather start a war than end up like Soviet-era generals who suddenly found themselves driving taxis.

We therefore propose that the peoples of the world finance a gradual swords-to-plowshares transition of the military-industrial complex. According to the American Association of Scientists, over 6,000 patents have been suppressed for “national security reasons.” We believe an expert review of those patents would unearth a high-tech bonanza for the American people and the US economy that would help ease this transition.

We are also proposing the creation of a global economic planning agency. This agency would be run by the motto “We stand between desires and reality.” The organization would try to surpass the sorry records of the World Bank and the IMF by carrying out an intensive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on the course for exponential expansion into the future. There would be no burden placed on the American people and no threat to US sovereignty posed by this organization. Rather it should provide vast new opportunities for American individuals and corporations.

Finally, although this is purely an American domestic issue, we strongly recommend that you confiscate the funds stolen from the American people this past century by amoral, criminal financiers and return them to their rightful owners. Vladimir Putin was able to quintuple Russian living standards when he did a similar thing in Russia.

The final point we wish to make is that the peoples of the world desire peace. The desperate criminal cabal behind the Federal Reserve Board still wields enormous power and is still trying to start World War 3. We would like to request the help of the American peoples in ending this perverse threat to humanity and the planet.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Fulford

PS: If you would like the hear more, contact me through the US embassy in Tokyo.



Review from a Fulford post earlier this month:



Posted by Benjamin Fulford
December 13, 2010

The situation in Europe and the United States is continuing on what now seems an
unstoppable trend towards revolution. The stoning of Prince Charles’s car in
England was deliberately planned and orchestrated by revolutionary forces
operating at the highest level of power, according to a revolutionist source.
This group is the same one that carried out the French, American and Russian
revolutions. Their message to the royal families of Europe is: “we can get to
you at any time we wish.” Ongoing negotiations between US general Petraeus and
the Vatican in Ireland are probably part of a last ditch effort by the Satanists
to remain in power by offering Petraeus the job of dictator of the United
States. This will not be allowed to happen, opposition sources promise.

The royal families, for their part, have organized a summit of all the royal
families from around the planet, including the 7 Chinese royal families, in
Vienna between Christmas and New Years (the meeting was postponed from an
earlier reported date in November). The meeting will discuss unifying all the
world’s royal families into a single clan, according to a member of the British
royal family.

The Chinese Mr. X, for his part, has asked us to write that “Master A.K.
requests that the Dragon Family Committee of Elders come quickly out of hiding
to resist the Satanists and save the West from further destruction.” The White
and Black Dragon societies for their part believe the elders should make utterly
sure of their safety before making any such move.

Master A.K. also said that due to a mistake by the interpreter, he was misquoted
in last week’s newsletter. He says the alien told him that the Satanists would
not be allowed to rule the planet and that if they did temporarily take power,
then the aliens would come to rule the earth and would do so in a very harsh
manner. The alien also told him “the planet was such a tiny speck of dust that
the people living on it are stupid to be fighting each other.” He also clarifies
that Chinese have prepared prison camps in Xinxiang for the Satanists not

Nonetheless, it would still be dangerous for the Chinese to admit them. It is
also unlikely the Americans will let the Satanists leave the country. Henry
Kissinger, for example, was recently stopped by the CIA from leaving the
country. A suitcase full of cash was also seized and he was told not to leave
the US, CIA sources say.

Our own sources in MI6 and elsewhere are telling us Master A.K. was a
representative of the Hu Jintao faction of the Chinese government. The Chinese
are now pondering various issues and are unlikely to make any move or
communicate with the White and Black dragons for a few weeks. The Chinese know
that time is on their side and so they need not hurry.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, CIA sources say a background check has
revealed that, much to the disappointment of many within the military and
intelligence community, incoming house majority leader Jason Boehner is also a
Satanist and thus cannot be trusted as a replacement for President Obama. These
same sources also say that although Ron Paul, the leader of the anti-Fed forces
has been given the job of chairman of the committee that oversees the Fed, he
will be blocked at every step of the way as he tries to abolish the Fed.

Many in the military/intelligence community are now thinking of having Jesse
Ventura lead them as they carry out a purge of Washington D.C. He might not be
good at managing the country but he would be good at cleaning house, they say.

However, other sources are saying the situation in the US will become
increasingly chaotic in January and the US will have to fall further into chaos
before the ponderous pentagon bureaucracy makes any serious moves. For now the
pentagon is frantically war-gaming various scenarios of economic collapse and
domestic military intervention.

In Europe, meanwhile, the spontaneous emergence of anti-establishment hacking
groups is one of the many signs of imminent EU collapse. The peoples of Ireland,
Portugal, Spain etc. are looking at Iceland and realizing it is better for a
country to allow banks to collapse than it is to take on generations of debt
slavery. Ireland is now expected to be the first country to leave the Euro. They
will not be the last.

Etienne Davignon, Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, for his part, has again
contacted the White Dragon society. Through his sources, Davignon has obtained a
copy of the impending $1 trillion lawsuit charging Daniele Dal Bosco, Giancarlo
Bruno, the Davos World Forum, the UN and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi etc.
as being members of a criminal organization. He hinted that perhaps the lawsuit
should not go ahead. However, our sources are saying that police and
intelligence agencies worldwide are planning to use the lawsuit as a trigger
mechanism for a systematic global purge of the Satanists.

The Satanists, for their part, have sent one Turkish and one Albanian agent,
both carrying Bulgarian passports, to Japan to try to assassinate White Dragon
society members. It is a sign of their desperation and stupidity if they think
they can now put the genie back into the bottle with a few targeted killings.

The purge of Satanists from Japan’s power structure is continuing and, as we
reported last week, general elections and a new government are now expected
possibly as early as January. The new financial system is also being readied
and, if things go well, generous funding will begin to flow towards all sorts of
worthy causes worldwide possibly as early as this month. This will make it
possible to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and release the
forbidden technologies. Humanity is about to be freed from millennia of slavery.
Geo-politics, Organized Crime