Organic Consumers Association Funded by Big Pharma!

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Our food supply is in jeopardy. Not only from outside forces such as poisons from China, but from within. The very people that we look to for guidance seem to be working together to lead us straight into global food governance in the form of Codex Alimentarius. This is especially alarming when you consider that the very organizations such as the USDA and FDA, that are charged with the safeguarding and regulation of our food supply are at the forefront of the battle, leading us straight into worldwide genocide using food as a weapon.

But the USDA and FDA do not stand alone. There are others who consider food to be “fair game” in this war against the people, and they just happen to control some very large purse strings. So, who holds the purse strings behind the push to obliterate any food safeguards we may have? Let’s just pick two – Rockefeller and Merck, then take a closer look at a few of the “trusted” organizations that they fund.


Funding Recipients

Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

One of the organizations that has received money from the likes of Rockefeller and Merck through their respective foundations is the Organic Consumers Association (OCA).

Here is a snip from the OCA’s “about” page:

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation’s estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers. (Organic Consumers)

That promo sounds very, very, good. That is, until you realize where the money came from to help support this organization. While some very good information can be obtained at the site, there are issues that make no sense from a pro-organic perspective, such as the following snip from an article supposedly debunking the fact that Neotame can be included in USDA organic products labeled “contains organic ingredients,” which is one of the four tiers of “organic” certification. The article was written by Cornucopia and spread far and wide by the Organic Consumers Association:

None of the bloggers who perpetuate this anti-organic myth reference primary sources to substantiate their claims. As their sources, they reference one another instead of going to the source – such as the Code of Federal Regulations.” (Organic Consumers)

Anti organic myth? The alert is out regarding this dangerous substance called Neotame that can most certainly be put in USDA “contains organic ingredients” foods, and instead of helping to alert people about this situation, the people giving the heads up and calling for the elimination of artificial substances from pure organic foods are labeled anti-organic by the people who are supposed to be the organic watch dogs of our communities. In addition, this statement by Cornucopia is a complete falsehood. All you have to do is read my article “The USDA’s Organic Deception” and click on all of the USDA and FDA source material. All of the primary reference sources are there, straight from the horse’s mouth.

So, the question arises – why would a “pro-organic” site attempt to debunk information regarding the adulteration of organic food by the USDA? Remember, the USDA and FDA are composed of the same people who brought us unlabeled GMOs in our food supply because they are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). The USDA also has a joint patent with Monsanto on the Terminator gene patent (5,723,765). And these organizations can be trusted to safeguard our organic food?

The answer to the question of why the OCA would support the USDA and FDA and attempt to eliminate opposition to the way these government agencies have taken over “organics” might just lie within the Organic Consumers Association’s (OCA) financial records:

Here are a few of the foundations that this organization has received funding from taken from Activist Cash:

John Merck Fund $200,000.00 1999 – 2002

Tides Foundation & Tides Center $45,500.00 2001 – 2002

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors $57,176.00 2000 – 2005

Money Talks

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Maybe this is why certain large non-profit activist organizations that we depend on deny that Codex, which leads directly to the systematic adulteration of our organic food supply, is being implemented daily, when it is clear that we are eyeballs deep right now.

Think of Codex implementation like a 100 mile endurance ride. It is accomplished one mile at a time. During the course of the ride there comes a time when the only option available is to finish the ride because going back is farther and may be more difficult than simply staying the course. At that point one is committed, and inextricably bound to finish one way or another. However, it is only when the final mile is finished and one arrives at the intended destination, that the ride is actually “completed.”

So, while people in high places play word games and use sleight of hand trickery leading us to believe that Codex is not being implemented, organics are still what we think they are, and the USDA and FDA are here to protect us and need more power to police our food supply, we are quickly reaching the point of no return in the race to save our food supply. These people are committed to the ride and are bound and determined to finish just what they have started, yet can still claim that Codex has not been implemented because the ride is not finished yet. They still have some distance to go.

We are smack dab in the middle of a food freedom deception so staggering that no one or nothing is immune from suspicion. We have by no means “finished” the Codex ride, but are well on our way to being inextricably bound by deception to stay the course that the United Nations dictates through the machinations of organizations funded by the likes of Rockefeller and Big Pharma. And that is a course leading straight to full Codex compliance, which means saying goodbye to healthy, pure organic food and vitamins. A globalist with organic lipstick is still a globalist.

We need to understand that nobody will fight this fight for us, much less the people being funded by Rockefeller and Merck. We need to stand up on our own and just say no! We need to support our local farmers and grow as much food as we can on our own. We need to do this now, and not wait for our “knight in shining armor” non-profit organizations suckling from the Rockefeller and Merck teats to save us. It is up to you and me to take this fight to the streets.

For those of you who think that it is no big deal that the Rockefellers and Merck fund these organizations, I would like to ask the following questions:

  • Is it too much to ask that the people supposedly fighting for our food freedom NOT take money from the very entities we are fighting against?
  • Isn’t there some sort of conflict of interest there?
  • How can you keep feeding from the same trough year after year and not be part of the herd?
  • At what point do you betray the confidence of those around you and pay your dues to the hand that feeds you?

Full Article


Imagine my surprise, after promoting this organization on my site, recommending it to so many others and believing this group would be instrumental in the fight against oppressive government regulations and unnecessary legislation that will cause undue hardship on organic farmers, ranchers and anyone devoted to natural food and traditional farming and ranching…..I find this alert from OCA calling the efforts to stop these egregious bills from being passed “internet myths”.  (See Alert below)

Its obvious the only myth any of us fighting this assault on agriculture and the right to farm and ranch without government intrusion is Organic Consumers Association, itself…….which has shown itself more than willing to support the marginalization and diminishment of grass roots efforts to fight back.

Although OCA certainly has its shortcomings, we can’t count on them to support all the efforts by those of us dedicated to pushing back against government regulations and unnecessary legislation that would adversely affect all of us.

In actuality, OCA knows that HR 875 would cause great hardship to farmers and ranchers and should never support USDA’s new police state regulations and enforcement capabilities which would be granted if these horrible bills pass.

OCA also knows that HR 875 does not address global imports or contamination on any level and is targeted to US producers only.  OCA knows that HR 875 is far from limited in its vision of implementing a total capture of domestic food production and is not intended to make safe, or to protect the supply on any level.  It is simply a system designed to seize control of domestic production of any kind.

Its mythical to think OCA supports you!

As a result of the alert I received this morning, OCA will no longer be advertised or promoted on my site.  We will not recommend any article or information from them.

This alert from OCA makes clear their support is not with us or for us.

From OCA Alerts:

  • Internet Myth of the Week:
  • Congress To Pass Bill That Will Outlaw Organic Farming?
  • This week, we received numerous calls and emails from OCA supporters who came across alarming YouTube videos and emails circulating on the internet that claimed a new food safety bill (HR 875) introduced in Congress would make “organic farming illegal.” Although the Bill certainly has its shortcomings, it is an exaggeration to say that is a secret plot by Monsanto and the USDA to destroy the nation’s alternative food and farming system. In actuality, HR 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, is a limited-vision attempt by moderate Democrats and Republicans to craft food safety legislation to address the out-of-control filth and contamination that are inherent in our industrialized, now globalized, “profit-at-any-cost” food system.

The idea that OCA would send out such an alert when so much is at stake is unforgivable.


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