70 Trillion cubic feet of New Arctic Ice



3-transitional images, Jan-2009, Jan-2010, Jan-2011

Comparing imagery of January arctic sea ice from 2009 to 2011 sourced from the U.S. Navy Polar Ice Prediction System, it appears as though the ice sheet has thickened substantially.

That is, the arctic ice during January 2009 compared to January 2010 compared to January 2011, all purposefully compared during the same month of each year.

This observation is looking at ice thickness – not surface area – although some retreat of 1 meter ice can be seen in the Labrador Sea.

Up to 500,000 square miles of the arctic sea region may have thickened from approximately 5 feet thick during January 2009 to approximately 10 feet thick during January 2011.

The ice thickness scale color, dark blue, corresponds to about 1.5 meters, or about 5 feet.

The color green represents about 3 meters, or about 10 feet.

The estimated area that has changed from dark blue to green measures approximately 500,000 square miles based on approximated Google Earth ruler measurements (1,500 miles length by a bit more than 300 miles width, on average – call it 333).

At an increased thickness of 5 feet, that calculates out to be…
500,000 x (5,280 x 5280) x 5 = 69,626,304,000,000

might as well round it to 70,000,000,000,000 cubic feet

It’s getting colder out there!

…which may bring about an entirely new preparedness category
“mini Ice Age”

(actually, we are well within a ‘La Nina’ cycle – cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean surface)

An interesting ‘coincidence’ is that the magnetic north pole drift direction is nearly the same as the increase in ice sheet depth.

disclaimer: no attempts were made to calculate the overall sea ice change (globally, or in the entire northern hemisphere) – the map loop shows slight reduction at southwest Greenland (Labrador Sea), some reduction in Hudson Bay, while some increase at northeast Greenland (Greenland Sea) – possibly an overall neutral effect there. The vast majority of apparent change is in the Arctic Ocean.

By the way, if anyone notices… the URL link to this article refers to 13 billion cubic feet while the title refers to 70 trillion… that was an error on my part (the 13 billion), but I corrected the error and title, minutes after having first posted it (while the URL remains the same). I had left out a critical multiple in the formula – that is, 5280 x 5280 to get proper square footage per square mile, whereas the original calculation mistakenly used only ’5280′ one time. Rest assured, the estimate is now correct. You can run the math yourself…


Mysterious Block of Wood Discovered on Iceberg at Magnetic South Pole

Begin wildly conspiring: Australian ABC‘s Karen Barlow, who is traveling to Antarctica on the Aurora Australis to study glacial ice, has spotted this rectangular block of wood perched prominently atop an iceberg within the no compass region around the magnetic south pole.

According to Barlow, “Wildlife watchers near Aurora Australis’ bridge first thought it was a relaxing seal but it was soon apparent it was rectangular in shape.” And, some say, startlingly similar to the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey...

Naturally, theories from serious to sarcastic have been bursting through the blogosphere.

Said one commenter, “It’s a door – and when you open it there’s a staircase, which leads to a secret passage way to the North Pole. I thought everyone knew about this!”

And another, claiming to be Adolf Hitler, “You vill ALL schtop lookink at ze exit hatch for our Untergroundt UFO-Schnaffenfatzer NOW!” Which was only a matter of time, because we all know it’s notoriously difficult not to slip into a German drawl anytime underground Antarctic bases are involved.

But whether it’s Elvis’s hideaway home or a piece of timber deposited by migrating swallows, one theme in these theories is common to nearly them all. As one commenter, going by the name ‘Peter’ noted “This is the end people.” Like always.

Your move, Julian Assange.


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Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

Danger in the Sky: Complete Report with Timeline

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF
Written by Joan Biakov
Friday, 14 January 2011 12:40

Evergreen Aviation, one of the worlds largest private aviation companies admits to weather modification service.

On their own website in the Markets section for their New Super Tanker they state Weather modification among other interesting service markets.

Content copied directly from Evergreen Aviation website:

The Evergreen Supertanker is not just limited to fighting fire . It will be a true utilitarian aircraft with the capability to configure to different applications on short notice. This multimission aircraft can support sensitive security and environmental missions. The aircraft’s exceptional drop capabilities, loiter time and size make it an ideal tool to perform challenging homeland security missions, able to neutralize chemical attacks on military installments or major population centers, and help control large, environmentally disastrous oil spills.

In addition, the upper deck of the Boeing 747 provides over 200 square feet of space that could be assigned as a command and control center. EIA possesses an FAA exemption number 1870C that permits the carriage of up to five individuals that are not crewmembers in the upper deck. This area is capable of providing space for command and control components that would assist in sophisticated mapping, incident monitoring and video/communications downlink relay that might require additional personnel over and above the required crew.


• Firefighting
• Oil Spill Containment
• Weather Modification
• Biochemical Decontamination

Full article


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