The Story of Citizens United

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We have a great new, short video to share with you today.

It tells the story of how corporations have come to take increasing levels of control over our democracy, culminating in last year’s Citizens United decision, and of the new movement that’s growing, led by you and everyone else who’s speaking up to demand a Constitutional Amendment to restore appropriate restraints on corporate power.

It tells our story so well that we can make a real difference in our campaign simply by spreading it around.  You can help by forwarding the video to your friends, family, and co-workers, posting the video to Facebook, and tweeting about it if you use Twitter.

Click here to watch the video and spread the word.

The video is called “The Story of Citizens United”, and it was created by Annie Leonard, the same person who made the very popular video, “The Story of Stuff” a couple of years ago.  That video went everywhere, and this new one one can too: it has the same high quality content, and the same remarkably accessible narration.  In short, it’s a really excellent way to get our message out to everyone.

The video is short and sweet, about 8 minutes long.  So hopefully you can find a few minutes right now to watch it and spread it around.  But if not, why not get together with some friends after work, and watch it together?

All over the world people are standing up and demanding that governments democratically serve people. Across the globe, people in Egypt have led the way, and the spirit of democracy is catching fire.  Closer to home, people in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio are speaking up too, refusing to accept new extensions of corporate and big-business power over our lives.

Spreading this video around is a small step, but an important one, and one each of us can take, wherever we are, right now.

Watch the “Story of Citizens United” video and spread the word now.

Thanks so much for your help.


– John

John Bonifaz
Free Speech for People
Tuesday, March 1, 2011