Use DISCERNMENT, because we don’t know what we don’t know, yet, but this link sure has some outstanding and “think outside the box” information. Looks like an excellent training tool when/if we get questions about the so-called ‘global settlements’ answered….



This is about getting on to the gold standard by evoking and living by common law.

When you wish to take responsibility for your actions, possess the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, the skill to assess and accept risk, and the integrity to make your word your bond which underpins the ‘unwritten’ common law, you are ready for the blessings of a deliverable, voluntary gold standard.

Please see our Public Notice to Heads of State.

Here is a link to an epoch making article, which reflects the times we are all having. Those who want an in-depth explanation of what GSF is about will want to visit our resources section and read the Finality of Settlement series and supplementary documents. Instantaneous digital settlement provides unmatched liquidity for gold Globals and silver Isles. Secure, anonymous access.

A Deliverable, Voluntary Gold Standard

The twin horses of Honest Money and Common Law
Honest money is silver and gold and operating a voluntary gold standard is the way to begin, build and establish honest trade. But I hear it said repeatedly – ‘it’s all very complicated’….Here again (even louder) Yes yes yes yes yes – but How? The essential desire to prosper honestly and in peace. Without it the primary practical elements are rendered empty ideals. Honest money and common law are like two horses ploughing the same furrow. They are like the two sides to the same coin. The desire for peace and right action is the air these horses breathe.

GSF has worked for many years answering the ‘But how?’ questions.



About GSF System and a deliverable, voluntary gold standard. The home page.
GSF System access – secure, anonymous, untraceble – via tor.
The process of deductive reasoning – essential to unlearn the falsehoods and discover the truth. ‘I see billions spent on wars and trillions in the banks…’
This is a page about the process of re- learning or un-schooling. In other words ‘getting out of the box’. It is a page about learning per se.
Bastiat’s classic that strips away economic propaganda.
How to identify Legal Plunder from Bastiat.
An overview or brief glimpse into what we have created in which you can directly participate.
This page is an ongoing documentation of the times we are having while providing an alternative to fiat money. and what is behind it.
Physics drives finance, finance drives politics. How expecting politicians to fix physics is like expecting them to walk on water.
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Reference material and our Finality of Settlement Series
How to reach Lighthouse Central for a welcome to dry land.
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