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If you were going to advise the king…
Hank Boerner has some CSR advice for Middle Eastern autocrats on Talkback.
CSR Lessons for Middle Eastern Autocrats
By Hank Boerner
Assignment: Fly over to visit the Middle East and provide advice on how to handle the events

in the Arab streets. Responsibly. Using good governance practices. If you got such a call from

one of the region’s leaders, all odds being from a dictatorial ruler, what advice would you pack

in your kit as you winged off for the meeting? This is delicate, for sure – not like giving advice

to a CEO or board chair. This is a high stakes meeting with the potentate – who has the power

to make your life quite miserable.

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What CSR advice would you give?

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The tide is turning against injustice in Ecuador
The good news is spreading. John Perkins shares it on Talkback.
Ecuador: A Victory for the People
By John Perkins
The Middle East, Wisconsin, and now the victory of Ecuadorians over the oil giant, Texaco

(owned by Chevron)! We the people are taking back the reigns of power!

It really started in Latin America where, during the past decade, 10 countries democratically

voted in presidents determined to stop the corporatocracy from ruthlessly exploiting their people

and natural resources. Every one of these countries was ruled by ruthless CIA-puppet dictators

for most of my life. Now that has changed. Perhaps it is fitting that among all the victories

occurring today, the one against a single corporation, an oil giant that epitomizes the corporatocracy,

happened in Latin America.

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How can we turn the tides for a better world?

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