Is Japan’s Elite Hiding A Weapons
Program Inside Nuclear Plants?

By Yoichi Shimatsu
This article first appeared at New America Media
News Analysis, Yoichi Shimatsu, Posted 4-6-11
c. 2011 Yoichi Shimatsu – All Rights Reserved
Confused and often conflicting reports out of Fukushima 1 nuclear plant cannot be solely the result of tsunami-caused breakdowns, bungling or miscommunication. Inexplicable delays and half-baked explanations from Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) seem to be driven by some unspoken factor.
The smoke and mirrors at Fukushima 1 seem to obscure a steady purpose, an iron will and a grim task unknown to outsiders. The most logical explanation: The nuclear industry and government agencies are scrambling to prevent the discovery of atomic-bomb research facilities hidden inside Japan’s civilian nuclear power plants.

Newly released TEPCO data provides evidence of periodic chain reaction at Fukushima Unit 1Recent press reports have discussed the possibility that Fukushima Unit 1 may be having a nuclear chain reaction. New data released by TEPCO indicates that even though Fukushima Unit 1 was shut down during the March 11 earthquake, it appears to have “gone critical” again without human intervention. The detection by TEPCO of short-lived radioactive isotopes substantiates the existence of this inadvertent criticality.
WEST COAST RED ALERT! – Tap water has radiation 18,100 % higher than allowed by EPA

PoliticalSeer on Apr 5, 2011  






Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco was 18,100% above federal drinking water standard

March 31st, 2011

UCB Rain Water Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Nuclear Engineering:

Iodine-131 was measured in a rainwater sample taken on the roof of Etcheverry Hall on UC Berkeley campus, March 23, 2011 from 9:06-18:00 PDT. The 3 Liters of rainwater collected contained 134 Becquerels of Iodine for an average of 20.1 Becquerel per liter, which equates to 543 Picocuries per liter .

The federal drinking water limit for Iodine-131 is 3 Picocuries per liter, putting the rainwater sample at 18,100% above the federal drinking water limit.

The Plutonium nightmare has just begun! West Coast WAKE UP!

Apr 4, 2011


plutonium is not registered on Geiger counters! Canada shut down its tracking of radiation as well as the west coast of the USA…. WHY? Maybe that want to keep it a secret until they must release the true information?

Japan’s Ocean Radiation Hits 7.5 Million Times Legal Limit

Kenji Hall and Julie Makinen

Los Angeles Times

High readings in fish prompt the government to establish a maximum level for safe consumption.

The operator of Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday that it had found radioactive iodine at 7.5 million times the legal limit in a seawater sample taken near the facility, and government officials imposed a new health limit for radioactivity in fish.

The reading of iodine-131 was recorded Saturday, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. Another sample taken Monday found the level to be 5 million times the legal limit. The Monday samples also were found to contain radioactive cesium at 1.1 million times the legal limit.

4/5/2011 — Radiation and Jet Stream forecast UPDATE – Cesium-137, Xenon-133, and Iodine-131

Apr 5, 2011


The levels are “mid” and “low” range at surface, 2500m, and 5000m … for gasses NOT detectable by radiation detectors.

Surface levels and high level clouds of Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133, have reached the United States .. showing up in 13 different states rain water according to MSM reports..

Now the debate becomes “how much is bad”.. .the answer.. there are NO GOOD AMOUNTS of Cesium, iodine-131, or Xenon – 133

Here is a list of the radioactive particles in the air.

Taken from the 3-16-11 on ZAMG site.





CS 137






Higher plumes, reaching 5000 meters (15,000 feet) are forecast to reach Portugal, Spain, and Central Europe.

All animations are from professional forecasting services. Links are below.

The radiation flow, forecast and shown by these several models… tells the tale of the isotopes coming our way… .. it will be up to you to decide if you should go outside during the time these clouds are over the USA, Canada, and Mexico…

Finland radiation

radiation forecasting links:…

Spain radiation link (click on radiation update)

Dutch radiation monitoring

Swiss radiation monitoring

Finland radiation monitoring

French radiation monitoring

jet stream forecasting:…

2º CME event APRIL 04, 2011.wmv



CME event April 4 2011


Pacific Northwest – Earthquake and Volcano OUTLOOK – March 19, 2011



link to story on fissure opening in Washington State, near Seattle…


Coverup! California, Northwest, B.C. Canada under radiation as high as Japan

  • April 4th, 2011

Independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABT) has stated in exclusive April 4, 2011 interviews with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre that the effects of the tectonic nuclear war against the populations and breadbaskets of North America (Canada, United States, Hawaii, and Mexico) are being intentionally covered up by the administrations of Barack Obama in the United States and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canada.

The radiation effect of this false flag global radiation war intensified this week as radiation maps produced by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) now confirm that the Midwest of the United States, all of California, theNorthwest including the states of Oregon and Washington and the western part of Canada are under a radiation threat with radiation levels as high as that in Japan in areas adjacent to the six units of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that started in melt-down on March 11, 2011.

View exclusive April 4, 2011 interviews with independent scientist Leuren Moret

Readers can view the April 4, 2011 interviews with independent scientist Leuren Moret embedded in the article above or at the URL below:

Part 1. VIDEO: Leuren Moret – Coverup! California, Northwest USA, B.C. Canada under radiation threat as high as Japan

Part 2. VIDEO: Leuren Moret – Scientists declare northern 1/3 of Japan uninhabitable and should be evacuated – BREAKING NEWS

U.S. and Canadian governments engage in radiation cover-up

In her interview, Leuren Moret notes that the governments of the United States and Canada, and specifically President Barack Obama and Prime Minister and Canadian Conservative party candidate Stephen Harper, are complicit in genocide by intentionally withholding vital information from their populations about the radiation threats they are under.

The Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco has been found to be 18,100% above the U.S. federal drinking water standard.

The Government of Canada has suspended mobile radiation measurements around Vancouver, BC “until further notice” as radioactive cloud looms over the B.C. area.

Ms. Moret has stated that the “Japan earthquake and ‘accidents’ at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare using a sophisticated HAARP-aerosol/chemtrails plasma weapons system, and carried out against the populations and ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

In her interview, Ms. Moret notes that with this cover-up, the Fukushima tectonic nuclear war becomes a global false flag operation perhaps even greater than Chernobyl (which has resulted in 1 million deaths to date), September 11, 2011, and the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill operation.

NILU Maps of radiation flows over Midwest USA, Tijuana (Mexico), California, Northwest USA, B.C. Canada

The following videos set out Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) radiation flow maps of radiation over Midwest USA, Tijuana (Mexico), California, Northwest USA, and British Columbia Canada demonstrating radiation levels as high as Japan for specific periods in April 2011.

Midwest USA

Tijuana (Mexico), All of California,

Northwest USA & British Columbia Canada

Scientists declare northern 1/3 of Japan uninhabitable and should be evacuated

In her interview, Leuren Moret highlights two prominent nuclear radiation scientists who have now publicly declared that the northern 1/3 part of Japan has become uninhabitable because of radiation due to the Fukushima March 11, 2011 quake/nuke false flag operation, and should be evacuated.

One of the radiation experts, Dr. Chris Busby, is a UK Govt. and European Parliament Low Level Radiation Expert.  Dr. Busby developed the first radiation risk model to challenge the US government’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki studies model that underestimated internal exposure risk by a factor of 1000.  Dr. Busby has conducted research on Sellafield nuke plant contamination and health risks, depleted uranium exposures in the Middle East, Yugoslavia, C. Asia, and Fukushima disaster.

The other radiation expert, Marion Fulk, is a Manhattan Project scientist who made the US hydrogen bomb work.  Mr. Fulk was the radiation rainout/snowout expert for the US nuclear weapons program during atmospheric testing.  He has trained and mentored Leuren Moret for 11 years on radiation issues such as the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation.

In a March 30, 2011 interview on Russia Today with Dr. Chris Busby. Dr. Busby declared that the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns will result in at least 417,000 new cancers.

False Flag Target Japan: destruction of Japanese economy, agriculture, and productivity

In her interview, Mr. Moret states that the sovereign people of Japan were intentionally targeted by the March 11, 2011 Fukushima quake/nuke false flag operation.

Operationally, the false flag operation was coordinated by General Electric company in much the same way that the BP dictated the chaotic manner in which the BP oil spill. The response by TEPCO (the Japanese company operating the Fukushima plant) was dictated by General Electric to maximize the nuclear fall-out.

Full article


EXAMINER.COM – Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare

YOUTUBE: Scientist Leuren Moret – Japan earthquake and nuclear “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare



EXAMINER.COM – Scientist: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaii targeted in nuclear war from Japan

YOU TUBE: Leuren Moret – Japan nuclear war targets US Canada Mexico and Hawaii



This animation displays a potential
dispersion of the radioactive cloud (Caesium 137 Isotope)
after a nuclear accident in reactor Fukushima I.

Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud over The Northern Hemisphere | surface radiation WeatherOnline


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Japan Nuclear Plant to Release Contaminated Water Into Ocean

Martyn Williams | Fukushima, Japan  April 04, 2011


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