Moving from Day (Night) 6 to Day 7 (there are no other nights) of the Mayan Calendar. Woohoo!!!

The Last DAY-Entering DAY 7

(from The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow)

November 3, 2010 we enter the last DAY—the 7th DAY. It runs from Nov. 3, 2010 through Oct. 28, 2011.

On March 9, 2011 (at the rate time is going now this day will be here in mere moments), we enter the last Underworld—the Universal Underworld or the final Ninth Wave. This will activate the last, shortest and most compressed, and no doubt the most potent and mind-blowing completion/transition phase of them all. It will activate the final twenty times speed up or increase in everything. The last time we had one of these twenty times speed up was when the Eight Wave/Galactic Underworld started in January 1999! Can you imagine starting this on March 9, 2011, but at an even higher, faster level?

I very clearly remember when the Eighth Wave or Galactic Underworld started ”not because I’m that knowledgeable about the Mayan calendar cycles because I’m not” but because my Higher Self had informed me on April 5, 1995 that I would begin a profoundly important period of transformation…five years in the future. I only knew that event as my “D 1 47” message, which translated meant that Denise would begin a massive Death process so she could become 1 (One) at age of 47. That mega process was the start of my physical, biological Ascension Process, and for me it began on Feb. 1, 1999. The Galactic Underworld or Eighth Wave started on January 1999, as did DAY One (Jan. 5, 1999) which I didn’t know for many years after the fact. To me it was all my “D 1 47” process!

I bring this up again now because I sense that entering both the last DAY, ”DAY Seven (Nov. 3, 2010), and even more so, entering the final Ninth Wave/Universal UnderworldEight Wave/Galactic Underworld! Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how quickly (less than one year) we’re going to be changing, evolving and shifting into The New? Fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables in the upright position because we’re taking off… (March 9, 2011) will be incredibly powerful and even more reality changing than the start of the physical Ascension Process was with the start of the

Here’s the latest article by Carl Calleman on entering DAY 7 on Nov. 3, 2010.

“Humanity™s climb of the cosmic pyramid continues. The actual Ninth wave will not begin until March 9, 2011 although we are already beginning to feel its approach. Before the final climb to the ninth wave and the ninth level of consciousness can begin we will however need to complete the foundation of the eighth level so that we have something to stand on. The eighth level of consciousness of the cosmic pyramid is what has been carried by the wave movement of the Galactic Underworld that began January 5th 1999 and, as all we nine waves will be completed on October 28, 2011.

As the thirteenth energy, or seventh day, of the Galactic Underworld starts on November 3, 2010 we may say that the particular Yin/Yang-polarity that this has been projecting onto the Earth is locked into position and will not be replaced by any further night in this Underworld.

I feel it is important to realize that the field of consciousness that each of the waves brings is different and that so they have a distinct influence on the human mind and to get an idea of this we may look at figure 1. In this figure we may see that while the ninth wave, starting March 9, 2011, serves to create unity consciousness (absence of darkening filters) the eighth wave endows the human beings with a filter that favors the right brain half. Hence the nature of the consciousness that the eighth and the ninth waves will be bringing is different and the ceremonies and spiritual processes that we may participate in in order to align with these polarities are different.

Just looked upon at face value it would then seem as what we are to align with and celebrate on the weekend of November 6-7 (which follows upon the shift) is a world where the feminine, the intuitive mind and the eastern hemisphere comes to dominate since they would all be linked to this enlightenment of the right brain half. Yet, as we can see from the figure this is not exactly the case since the world was for about 5100 years dominated by the consciousness of the sixth wave where the light fell on the left brain half and so as a result favored the rational mind, male dominance and the West and this is sort part of the platform that we are all already standing on. Hence as the seventh day of the galactic Underworld is activated we will actually finally come to a point when it is time to celebrate the end to male, western and rational dominance and we will be able to create a balance between the different aspects of the human mind associated with the left and right brain halves.

It would thus seem that the weekend of November 6-7 2010 would be a perfect time to perform ceremonies to recreate, celebrate and align with this new balance which is established on a cosmic scale and waiting for us to download it.

As it turns out during this weekend Don Alejandro and the Buddhist spiritual leader Reverend Seiyu Kiriyama will be performing a Buddhist-Mayan fire ceremony, which we may all look upon as a balancing of the energies of the West and the East: (See
I feel however that these energies will also be an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to be a co-creator with the divine process of creation to bring this balancing to have an immediate meaning in our individual lives by performing ceremonies around the theme of the return of the feminine and intuitive in all of us in such a way that both human expression is seen as having equal value and an equal place in the human civilization.

For the beginning of the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld and its following weekend, November 6-7 I would thus like to encourage every human being to take part in some balancing process to celebrate the return of the divine feminine into their lives. I encourage everyone to be creative in developing ceremonies and processes to co-create the manifestation of this shift in the most constructive and positive way.

This does not preclude that to attain such a balance within ourselves and between the genders externally we will need to do some serious spiritual inner work, and forgiveness processes in order to leave the past dominance paradigm behind. In order to support you in this a facebook page ( and a rudimentary website have been created. Increasingly we will now find that we will all need to co-create the upcoming shifts and that they will not happen automatically. Increasingly also I believe that we will be required to take the transformative processes and ceremonies home and not just look for it to happen in the external world. I call all co-creators of the cosmic plan to participate in the creation of a balanced fundament to stand on November 6-7. It is from this fundament that we will soon begin our process into the unity consciousness that will be carried by the ninth wave that will be activated on March 9, 2011.”

Carl Johan Calleman
Seattle 11 Imix, October 14, 2010


1st “Day” Jan. 5, 1999Dec. 30, 1999

(Seeds of consciousness planted)

1st “Night” Dec. 31, 1999Dec. 24, 2000

(Consciousness is activated)

2nd “Day” Dec. 25, 2000Dec. 19, 2001

(Polarity is displayed)

2nd “Night” Dec. 20, 2001Dec. 14, 2002

(Old and new consciousness collide)

3rd “Day” Dec. 15, 2002Dec. 9, 2003

(The truth rolls out – like it or not)

3rd “Night” Dec. 10, 2003Dec. 3, 2004

(Adjustments to the Truth-

don’t hold on but flow)

4th “Day” Dec. 4, 2004Nov. 28, 2005

(New foundations of human relations)

4th “Night” Nov. 29, 2005Nov. 23, 2006

(Ethical procedures are implemented)

5th “Day” Nov. 24, 2006Nov. 18, 2007

(We meet our Galactic neighbors)

5th “Night” Nov. 19, 2007Nov. 12, 2008

(The end of manufactured lack)

6th “Day” Nov. 13, 2008Nov. 7, 2009

(Consciousness surpasses technology)

6th “Night” Nov. 8, 2009Nov. 2, 2010

(Bliss, we will need the practice)

7th “Day” Nov. 3, 2010Oct. 28, 2011

(We evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience)

Source: Dr. Carl J. Calleman
Book: Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time

Here are a few random quotes from The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind (2007) by Barbara Hand Clow.

“The Galactic Underworld (January 5, 1999, through October 28, 2011) is a cycle that processes the development of civilization during the National Underworld (3315 BC through AS October 28, 2011) and the rise of technology during the Planetary Underworld (1755 through October 28, 2011). During the Galactic, by means of time acceleration everything goes so fast (twenty times faster than during the Planetary) that beliefs and needs of the past transform themselves into new ways of being. Since there will be a final twenty-fold acceleration during the Universal Underworld (February 11, 2011 through October 28, 2011), there is no doubt this process will culminate. Of course, imagining things going twenty times faster during 2011 than they have been going since 1999 is almost impossible…

“Calleman says the Galactic Underworld is the Apocalypse, which has turned out to be prophetic. When I taught students about this amazing grand fixed square (Aug. 1999 during Day One of the Galactic), I didn’t realize it was the beginning of the Apocalypse, but it was…

“During 2011, Neptune completes its first solar orbit since it was sighted, and when Neptune enters Pisces, the forces of Spiritualism that developed around 1846 will reemerge. For example, American idealism—a movement that once inspired the world—will express itself through a new Tanscendentalism that will be inspired by galactic consciousness. Politics based on the universe (exopolitics) may replace politics based on America-as-empire. Everywhere there will be contempt for militarism and global chauvinism. Uranus was conjunct Pluto during the 1960s, which introduced enlightenment, and with Uranus arriving at its first square to Pluto during 2011 and 2012, there is no doubt enlightenment will sweep our planet as each country offers its own spiritual contribution…

“The astrological patterns in play during the Galactic Underworld demonstrate that the planet support the theorized time accelerations of the Galactic and Universal underworlds. The small planet the astronomers demoted in 2006 tells the story all by itself: during January 2008, Pluto goes into Capricorn for the first time since is was sighted. Capricorn is the maximum structural energy force on Earth, thus Pluto in Capricorn will confront and radically destroy the remaining elements of the National and Planetary underworlds. The most profound energies available on Earth—the ability to be enlightened and in joy—will emerge as the highest creation of the Galactic and Universal Underworlds in 2011…

“Physicists, astronomers, and astrophysicists have been successfully mapping the universe since the 1950s/ Much of the public knows that our Sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in a 225-million-year orbit, and that it is approximately thirty light-years out from the center. Our Galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies called the Virga Supercluster, and there are many more superclusters in the universe.

Mysteriously, cosmologists discovered in 1998 that the expansion of the universe was suddenly speeding up! This shift may ultimately provide the proof for superstring theory (the idea that the universe is made of vibrating strings functioning in ten dimensions) because it suggest that quintessence started accelerating the cosmic expansion in 1998! This has to be an effect from another dimension, which in my model would be the ninth dimension, the dimension of the Mayan Calendar…”


Regarding Mr Calleman’s article The Nine Underworlds of the Cosmos and their corresponding levels of Consciousness, I found it perhaps a little too imaginative when I read it some time ago; though I very much liked his other, ‘prophetic’ article, the one about the end to hierarchies and value of money, particularly because it refers to the ‘axis of the universe’, a subject so very dear to me that I have dedicated to it several articles and posts in the past.

As to the nine different stories characteristic of three of the Mayans’ most important pyramids, I think they probably only expressed the Mayan’s obsession with time as the main builder and destroyer of everything material in this world, as in effect that number, together with three and six, has always played a mysterious role in the fabric of time itself and of all of its divisions and subdivisions.

For example, all of the yuga lengths mentioned in my previous post are divisible by 9 and also by 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 360, etc, all of them “sacred” numbers for most traditions – precisely because they are all multiple of 9.

And in connection with the two key numbers 25,920 and 72, respectively the length of the precession of the equinoxes and of one degree of it (in ideal years of 360 days), they evidence a perfect correspondence between the life of man, the ‘microcosms’, and that of our universe, or ‘macrocosms’. For one thing, 72 corresponds to the average number of beats of the human heart in a minute, and a quarter of 72, or 18, to the human breathings in the same period, so that in one day a man will have breathed 18 x 60 x 24 = 25,920 times. On the other hand, after 72 years, which is the average length of life of man at present, a man will have lived a total 25,920 days (again, assuming an ideal year of 360 days), while the Earth’s axis will have barely traveled a degree of the equinoctial circle of 360 degrees or 25,920 common years. In other words: from a cosmic view, man’s life lasts only one day. All this I have explained in my recent thread “The Hindu Doctrine of Cosmic Cycles” in NewAgeU (

Similar correlations are also found among the ancient Mayas. For example, in Tikal, in present-day Guatemala, where one of the three important pyramids mentioned above is preserved, there is a stela, the number 10, that records a period of 5’040,000 years, a circular number that divided by ten is, among the Hindus, that of Manus in a total universal manifestation. As to their liturgical calendar, in addition to the tuns or years of 360 days, consisting of 18 uinals or months of 20 days, the Mayas’ count was by katuns (7,200 days), baktuns (144,000 days), etc., all of them “sacred” circular numbers whose importance will never be sufficiently emphasized – most especially 144,000, which incidentally is the number of saints ascended to Heaven at Revelation 7, 7. (Sorry, this other paragraph I have also adapted from one of my writings.)

Best Wishes,

Luis Miguel Goitizolo